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ICE is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that is known for the frosty appearance of its buds, as well as the extremely heavy body high that plant offers. While the name is technically an acronym for "indica crystal extreme", it's hard to imagine a more fitting title for this hybrid marijuana strain: the flowering buds are so full of sparkling resin glands, you would think they were coated with a dusting of ice crystals. Beloved by late-night smokers for its relaxing couch-lock effect, this is the perfect strain for any cannabis user seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, stress or insomnia. As the winner of the 1998 Cannabis Cup, ICE has a long history of street cred to back up its popular reputation.


ICE is a hybrid derived from crossing three classic cannabis strains: pure Afghan, Northern Lights and Skunk. The result is a strain that is 90 percent indica and 10 percent sativa, producing one of the most relaxing and body-heavy highs of any hybrid on the market.

The high THC content of the ICE strain ranges from approximately 18 to 21 percent, and the plant also yields a medium-high cannabinoid content. However, the most noticeable characteristic of this strain is the high production of resin glands. This is what gives the buds their frosty appearance, as well as an extremely sticky consistency: it is common for ICE product to stick to the inside of its container, and many users report that attempting to grind up this weed will glue your grinder shut. Other users report that this strain easily passes the "wall test" - when you press a nugget against a wall, it stays put like poster putty.


As mentioned, consuming ICE brings on an extremely relaxing body-heavy high that kicks in immediately. This makes it a favorite among cannabis users who suffer from insomnia: simply light up a bowl just before bedtime, then lie back and enjoy a long night of heavy sleep.

However, ICE isn't merely reserved for insomniacs. Being 90 percent indica, the strain is also perfect for users who are looking to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety. Lasting roughly two hours, the high from ICE is perfect for when you want to kick back and enjoy a movie or video game while locked to the couch.

As with many indica-heavy strains, ICE is also known to bring about a severe case of the munchies, making it a great option for users who suffer from a lack of appetite. But be careful if you decide to light up before breakfast or lunch, because you may find yourself lying down for an unplanned nap in the middle of the day. In light of this fact, daytime smokers may find ICE to be more suitable for vaporizer systems. When vaporized, the smoke from this strain is much lighter, and the body load is greatly reduced while the head high is emphasized. This way, you get all of the euphoric and relaxing effects without being pinned down by the heavy body load.

ICE produces a very dense smoke, sometimes described as a combination of skunk weed and hash oil mixed together. The pungent, spicy taste is very distinctive, though not unpleasant. While the smoke may seem a bit too heavy for novice users, gourmet marijuana aficionados generally love it for its combination of subtle flavors and aromas. Due to the high THC content, some users also report that ICE gives off a hint of gasoline flavor, reminiscent of the famous sour diesel strain and its relatives.


Indica crystal extreme can be grown both indoors and outdoors, though it is best suited for warm climates with an abundance of light. It is a good strain for beginner to intermediate growers, flowering in a relatively quick six to eight weeks. However, some growers prefer to wait up to ten weeks before harvesting in order to maximize the resin content of the buds.

ICE Feminized Cannabis strain



Genetic background Afghan x Northern Light x Skunk
Yield indoor 14.1 - 15.9 oz/m2
Height indoor 2.6 - 3.9 feet
Flowering time 8 - 10 weeks
THC strength THC: 18% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 10% Sativa, 90% Indica, 0% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 17.6 - 19.4 oz/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 4.9 - 6.6 feet
Harvest time Early October
Effect Physical stoned

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The flowering buds of ICE tend to be very dense, allowing it to produce relatively high yields in small growth setups. As far as hybrid strains are concerned, the overall yield isn't the highest: generally, the yield is between 55 and 2.3 oz per plant, which amounts to roughly 10.6 to 14.1 oz per square meter when using a 600-watt light. The plants themselves are quite short, generally reaching no more than one meter in height. However, some growers manage to offset this and produce higher yields by pinching or topping the plant, which forces it to bush out horizontally.

ICE is also great for hash enthusiasts, yielding very high produce from unused plant material. In fact, Royal Queen Seeds claims that it is their utmost best feminized strain when it comes to hash-production. For hash lovers, this more than makes up for the strain's relatively low yield.

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