By Steven Voser

Two recipes for easy-to-make weed-infused ice lollies!


Ice lollies are especially good on hot days to soothe the overheating soul. And when they are overflowing with cannabinoid goodness, they are welcome at any time of year. These easy-to-make, at-home recipes will have your freezer full of fruity perfection to cool you down and get you high, or medicated.

At their most simple, ice lollies are a frozen fruit juice or smoothie. And just like juices and smoothies, they come in as many flavors as there are fruits. They can have any number of cannabinoids added for that extra brain-friendly rush, or to medicate in a fresh, tasty way.


• Blender or food processor of some kind
• Knife
• Cutting board
• Measuring cup
• Popsicle molds to make 12 ice lollies
• Freezer space

What You'Ll Need


If you don’t like creamy ices, and instead enjoy the taste of fruit and nothing but the fruit, give this recipe a spin:


• 2½ cups of your favorite fruit or a combination: Strawberries, in fact all berries, mangoes, kiwis—oh, and lychees are interesting. Oranges, lemons, and limes if you like them citrus-sour. The fruit world overflows with flavor and color.

• 1½ cups of something wet: Things need to be liquid to be poured into the ice molds for refrigeration. Water, sweetened water, coconut water, fruit juice, kombucha, or even flat lemonade all lubricate this joint well.

• 1 tablespoon of something sweet: Honey or sugar, maple syrup, or glucose. Go with your flow; you know what you like, maybe even none, maybe even more! It’s all good.

• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract: Not just a subtle background flavor, vanilla has the peculiar property of giving things “body” and a good mouthfeel.

• Your choice of cannabinoid-infused edible tincture: It is important to know what you are aiming for. Make sure you know the strength of the product you are using. Or, if you are using a homemade product, be sure to have knowledge of how strong your home-brew is. 10mg of THC or more per ice lolly is going to have powerful effects; 5mg is probably a good place to start. Just remember this recipe is for 12 lollies, so that’s 60mg for the whole recipe, just to err on the side of caution.


1. Clean and trim your fruit. You just want the luscious, meaty parts, so remove all the rest. Then, dice the flesh up into blender-friendly chunks.

2. Put everything in a blender or food processor and blend it up until it is an even purée.

3. Pour the purée into the molds.

4. Place in the freezer.


If your palate likes that silky glide of a melting, creamy ice lolly infused with your favorite fruit, you will like this variation:


• 2½ cups of your favorite fruit that goes well with creamy flavors: Any choice of the whole berry family, mangoes, or bananas. Remember, mangoes even shorten the onset time of the high. Avoid tart fruits like apples and highly acidic citrus fruits as they will curdle the mix.

• 1½ cups of something creamy: Coconut cream, yoghurt, dairy, or any nut or seed milk. These all provide the creamy texture that offsets the natural sweetness of the fruit.

• 1 tablespoon of something sweet: Sugar or honey, maple syrup, or palm sugar. Each brings their own little flavor sensation, or nothing of course—you might like it au naturel—or even more for all those people with a sweet tooth out there.

• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract: It really does enhance and sweeten flavors without being obtrusive.

• Your choice of cannabinoid-infused edible tincture: Let’s repeat things here for the sake of due diligence. Be aware of the strength of the tincture you are using. Digested THC can be powerful stuff, so 5mg per ice lolly or 60mg per batch spread over 12 treats is a good place to start. Feel free to ramp things up or down the next time you make this, or the other, recipe.


1. Clean and trim your fruit. You only ever want the luscious, meaty parts, so always remove the rest, then dice the pulp into blender-friendly chunks.

2. Place all the ingredients in the blender or food processor and pulse them up. Everything will quickly become a smooth purée.

3. Pour purée into molds.

4. Place in the freezer.

There you have it. Cannabinoid-infused, medical or recreational, always extremely enjoyable ice lolly treats made at your own home. Enjoy!

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