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Most folks who are into cocktails and other “fancy” alcoholic drinks will know and likely have already enjoyed a Bloody Mary. This is a classic cocktail made from vodka, tomato juice and numerous spices. It is very popular, not only for her great taste but also since it is said to be a great cure for hangovers.

A cannabis-infused Bloody Mary may be the perfect cocktail and is definitely worth a try! Don’t let the myth of the “most complex cocktail” discourage you. Our cannabis-infused Bloody Mary is very easy and requires just a few minutes to make.


  • 15ml cannabis tincture
  • Three dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • 150ml tomato juice
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 drops Tabasco sauce
  • Optional ingredients for garnish:
  • Lemon peel, salt, pepper, celery stalk

bloody mary cannabis drink tincture infused tasty tomato juice weed


A cannabis alcohol tincture is a great way to infuse your drinks with your favorite weed. The tincture has the advantage that it is convenient to use and you don’t need to deal with annoying smoke and other inconveniences for a nice buzz. It’s not difficult to make either.

To make the cannabis tincture and extract the THC from the weed, we need to use at least 50 percent alcohol. Vodka is optimal for this purpose.

Here are the ingredients for the cannabis tincture:

  • 0.8 oz of your favorite weed, finely ground
  • 90ml of high-proof vodka

Before you can use your weed to make the tincture, we need to decarb it first. For the decarboxylation, you set your oven to a low heat of 100-110°C and put your buds in for about an hour. Check on your weed a few times. It is ready when it crumbles between your fingers.

Take the weed out of the oven and crumble it into fine pieces into some water. Have the weed soak in the water for about 12 hours. The water will help to remove most of the impurities. Afterwards, remove the excess water from the weed and put the weed powder in a plastic container that has a lid. Pour the vodka over it.

Close the container and store your weed and alcohol mix in a cool and dark place for about 10 to 14 days. If you store the mix longer, no problem, it will even enhance its taste! While you have the weed mix stored away, shake the container frequently, at least once a day. After 10 or so days, filter the mix through a cheesecloth or coffee filter. Repeat this as necessary until you get a nice and clear liquid. Your cannabis tincture is ready!

Now let’s continue with our Bloody Mary recipe:

Put 15ml of the cannabis tincture, the Worcester sauce, tomato juice, lemon juice and Tabasco into a shaker and have a go at it with some vigorous shaking! Pour everything into a large drink glass. If you want it to look somewhat nice and fancy, use the lemon peel, the spices and celery as a garnish.

Your cannabis-infused Bloody Mary is ready!

You can easily store your cannabis tincture to make tasty “spiced” drinks any time you want. They are just the perfect thing for parties!


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