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Authorities began cracking down on distributors, growers, and stores after receiving mandates from the U.S. government. Many officials turn a blind eye to small time cannabis use. If you are stopped by authorities, many times a small bribe will send you on your way. The religious and spiritual use of cannabis by dreadlocked sadhus is not a great concern for local police. Their religious rights are upheld by authorities. Usually only individuals who are in possession of large quantities for sale are arrested. Although you must be discrete, it is still possibly to acquire cannabis for a good price. The cheap reefer is often of a very high quality. The genetics of many strains from Nepal are found today in hybrids all over the world.Nepal Kathmandu cannabis

Cannabis in Nepal

This made the country a hippy's paradise, and Kathmandu's legendary "freak street" was bustling with legal sales of cannabis. Cultivation, sale, and distribution were widespread; however, under international pressure, mainly from the United States government, Nepal passed laws making cannabis illegal. Police began to arrest growers and distributors and deport them. During the Maha Shivaratri celebrations, cannabis use is usually tolerated by authorities because of its religious and spiritual significance to the sadhus. During the celebrations, up to a million devotees travel to the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu to participate in rituals dedicated to Shiva. Authorities are able to uphold religious rights of sadhus while trying to minimize the large scale manufacture and distribution of cannabis and narcotics like heroin and opium. Small time users are often able to buy their freedom with a small bribe, but indiscretion on the street is not advised. It is still best to smoke in private

The price of cannabis in Nepal
Tourists traveling through Nepal are often charged higher prices than locals, though bargaining for a better price is always an option. Marijuana prices in Nepal are very cheap for the high quality offered. One tola (which is 0.4 oz) is around 700-1000 Nepali rupees ($10-$15). A kilo can be found for around 7000 Nepali rupees ($100). Many dreadlocked sadhus will offer up a free smoke if you want to join them at the temples.
Quality Feminized Cannabis Seeds
The quality of cannabis in Nepal
For the absurdly cheap price, the quality of cannabis is pretty impressive. Marijuana is grown outdoors, and the potency of the various strains depends on growing conditions and techniques used on the crop.

Cannabis strains from Nepal
Cannabis strains from Nepal are world renowned. Large quantities are exported to many other countries regularly, and every few months 200-300 kilos of cannabis are busted by authorities. Royal Moby, OG Kush, and Special Kush are strains used in the creation of many hybrids on the market. One of the more popular hybrids out there is Power Flower.

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