By Miguel Ordoñez

The majority of cannabis produced within the country today is destined for domestic consumption with traditional cultivation occurring in the south-eastern region of Macedonia. Though cannabis is an illegal substance, its use is widely popular, particularly among the youth, and authorities generally will turn the other cheek to possession of smaller amounts. Macedonia is also an important stop on the Balkan drug trafficking route. Cannabis comes through from Albania on its way to Europe. Heroin is trafficked in primarily from Afghanistan. Cocaine comes through from Turkey, Bulgaria, and Serbia As with their neighbors in Greece, a small legalization movement is growing within the country.

Cannabis in Macedonia

The possession, use, sale, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis are all illegal in the Republic of Macedonia. Possession charges can carry fines and jail sentences of 30-60 days. Individuals caught with smaller amounts (less than five grams) are often let off with a warning. If authorities do take someone to the police station, they will only be held for a few hours, no more than six. Individuals caught with larger amounts can be sentenced anywhere from five to ten years imprisonment. Although cannabis is an illegal substance in Macedonia, its use is popular. Anyone who is caught cultivating marijuana will have their fields eradicated, and any product will be confiscated; however, from 2009-2012 a total of 10582 oz seized. In the south-eastern region of Macedonia, cannabis has been grown for thousands of years. Authorities are generally more liberal with cannabis use and cultivation in this region.

The price of cannabis in Macedonia

In Macedonia, a gram of average quality marijuana can be purchased for $2. A "SIBICA" pack (about three grams) will cost you $6. You can spend $40 for 1.8 oz and $60 for 3.5 oz. If you're looking for a kilo, it will cost you around $230. A higher quality cannabis is going to cost about $6 per gram.

The quality of cannabis in Macedonia

In Skopje, Macedonia, most cannabis is low to average quality that has been imported from Albania. Although higher quality marijuana has been more prevalent in the area recently, these strains are not like the hard hitting medical marijuana strains available on the western market. Hashish imported from Turkey is also low quality. If you are fortunate enough to live in or visit a cannabis producing region, you will have access to higher quality marijuana.

Cannabis strains from Macedonia

Tall sativa strains are indicative of the area: Royal MadreSour Diesel en Royal AK. Marijuana in the Republic of Macedonia (especially around Skopje) isn't as potent as some of the high THC and CBD content medical strains that have been developed in recent years, but strong smelling, sticky buds have been showing up in the area.

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