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Cannabis in Ecuador

It is illegal to grow and distribute cannabis in Ecuador for profit, but rules are more lax for personal consumption. You can walk the streets of many communities and smell the presence of weed all around you. This is a reflection of the relaxed attitude of law enforcement when it comes to the use of marijuana.

As long as you keep no more than two joints on you at all times and don't give the impression that you are a dealer, you can smoke in peace in most areas of the republic. There are some affluent communities where smoking is done primarily behind closed doors, but other areas are open and accepting of smokers.

If you are approached by law enforcement because you are smoking or holding cannabis, a bribe might set you free. Most users are let off the hook with just a warning, and many cops are on the take if they approach a user.

You are more likely to run into police officers downtown due to attempts to revitalize that area. Look for concerts or areas with signs of open marijuana use to score with much less risk of detection.

Super Skunk Cannabis

The Price of Cannabis in Ecuador

Since the police aren't actively searching for marijuana smokers in Ecuador, you don't have to pay elevated prices for low-quality schwag. The price you can expect to pay for cannabis in Ecuador will fluctuate with the quality. One ounce of product can sell for as low as $10 while a higher-quality product will sell for $200-$300 for one ounce.

Peruvian skunk is plentiful in the republic and sells at the lower end of that price range. This makes it quite popular. You can light up the thickest joint of your life and enjoy every hit because this brand is so cheap in Ecuador and is still reasonable quality.

The Quality of Cannabis in Ecuador

Since imports come into Ecuador from Peru, Columbia and other sources, the quality varies. You can even find local sources since enforcement of cannabis laws is so relaxed. You can get your hands on top-shelf brands that sell for high prices or stick with the cheap schwag so that your dollar stretches further. It's best to know your brands so that you can determine when you are finding a good deal for the quality delivered.

Cannabis Strains from Ecuador

If you want to try something new or have a favorite that you want to track down, the variety available in Ecuador will suit your needs. Some of the cannabis strains often found include:

Chocolate Haze
Somango XL
White Widow
Skunk XL

You may also want to try hydroponic marijuana from Columbia while you are in Ecuador.

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