By Marguerite Arnold

Just when you thought the cannabis industry couldn’t get any weirder!

American Green Inc. has just announced its newest venture. The company is one of the largest publicly traded cannabusinesses in the U.S. and has previously invested in land deals and a cannabis vending machine.

American Green also just revealed that it bought a “town.” The idea? Turn it into a cannabis-friendly tourist mecca. The burg in question is actually a place called Nipton, California. That said, it may be difficult to “spot on a map” as the location is in a remote part of the Mojave Desert, near the Nevada border.

In addition to a "wellness spa" fed by a local aquifer, they also plan to begin producing cannabis infused water. The product will be infused with CBD that the company wants to manufacture on site. They also claim that other extraction companies have expressed interest in working with them. They allegedly plan to invest $2.5 million in further upgrades. This includes creating a fully solar-powered town too.

Nipton California canna-tourism

The idea certainly sounds cool. Nipton has all the quirky eccentricities one could hope for in a deserted ghost town. Actually, it was previously purchased in the 1980’s as a desert retreat and therapy location. A Los Angeles geologist bought it for $200,000. He subsequently invested over $1 million. Along the way, it has developed a cult following of its own. Bikers, campers, and hikers have all discovered Nipton’s unique charm over the years.

Whatever this new purchase means for Nipton, it signals the start of something else. Namely, the dawn of a new cannabis culture in the U.S. And that is quite exciting.


No matter the particulars, what this announcement does do is push the envelope of canna-tourism. Long restrained in the United States due to state regulations and local temperament, tourism has just entered a new era.

Both Nevada and California will clearly be exploiting the idea. Who knows; one day soon, you may be able to bathe in cannabis infused mineral water in the Mojave. Or belly up to a bar in town to drink it.


Even more intriguing is the fact that American Green appears to be capitalising on a subculture which has already dawned. Canna-wellness is a burgeoning industry. Particularly in California, this is about to surge into a mega-craze. Especially when it comes to cannabis-infused drinks and CBD formulations.

Sports bars, wellness spas and more are also the perfect place to begin to promote this trend - which of course will include many flavors and progressions in years to come.

In fact, what American Green is trying to literally “tap into” is a desire for a new kind of cure-all.

Nipton Hotel California canna tourism


The funny thing about all of this is that legalization is now restoring cannabis to where it was before it was banned. During the latter part of the 19th century, in fact. Throughout the Victorian era, cannabis was commonly used for a tonic base in both Europe and the U.S.

These days? Whether it is mineral water with CBD or something psychoactive, cannabis is already available in a store near you.

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