By Luke Sholl

Our surroundings can heavily influence our sense of imagination and fantasy, and this is particularly true when we’re high. There are places in this world that can turn an average weed smoking experience into a truly magical one. Here are some extraordinary places to visit high for an incredible and awe-inspiring experience!


Spain is as close to paradise for cannabis fans as it can get. With an active cannabis culture and laws in the country being quite lax when it comes to smoking weed, Spain has become a go-to destination for stoners from all over Europe. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the country’s northeast is the Costa Brava, a location that has plenty to offer, regardless of whether you’re a “regular” tourist or looking to blaze up. Unlike further down South where it can get quite hot during the summer, the climate of the Costa Brava region is pleasantly mild so you can enjoy the sandy beaches, stunning mountain scenery, and tranquil Spanish villages all year round.

If that’s your thing, you can spend a great time here just blazing up at the beaches, but you can also have fun participating in other activities such as golf, trekking, or biking. But what makes the Costa Brava unique is that there is lots of culture and art to discover everywhere. Artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and Pablo Picasso have been attracted to the area, making it a fantastic location for modern art lovers. Don’t forget to check out the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres, which has a collection of Dali's paintings, or the Dalí's House-Museum in Port Lligat near Cadaqués. The rich culture, surrounded by stunning landscapes at the foot of the Pyrenees make the Costa Brava incredibly inspirational and a great place to experience while high.

Costa Brava, Spain


Of all the places in the United States, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado are definitely one of the top locations to experience if you want to get high. How about watching spectacular sunrises over stunning mountain peaks, or taking in the magical serenity of crystal clear mountain lakes surrounded by icy glaciers and majestic pine trees?

Colorado isn’t just a fabulous place to go so you can take in some of the most stunning views in this world. What makes Colorado especially great for cannabis lovers is its thriving legal industry. It was one of the first states in the US to comprehensively legalize medical and recreational weed. This means if you’re 21 or older, you can now legally have 1oz (1 oz) of marijuana and you don’t even need to be a resident of the state. With cannabis now legal in Colorado, you sure won’t have trouble finding countless dispensaries in the bigger cities, where you can get superb cannabis bud, edibles, and whatever else a stoner could ever need. What’s more, thanks to booming cannabis tourism in Colorado, chances are good that you will meet like-minded folks as well!

Rocky Mountains, Colorado


The Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska is an amazing place that seems as though it was plucked right out of a fantasy novel! Ice, mountains, and crystal clear waters meet to form a landscape of surreal beauty, where you can experience nature like nowhere else! Enjoy incredible views of more than 1.4 ozlaciers flowing down from the Harding Icefield, which is probably Kenai Fjords’ most spectacular feature. But there is a lot more to explore.

If you want to get high in what may well be one of the most fascinating places on Earth, you can stay in one of the park's three public use cabins overnight for an unforgettable blazing experience under the Alaskan sky. If you feel more adventurous, you can go on spectacular day hikes to see the icy glaciers close-up. Or, you can go see the fjords on a boat tour. For a true once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can also rent a kayak to explore the tide-water glaciers, where you have a good chance of seeing bears, whales, otters, and other animals close up!

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska


Located in the small country of Luxembourg is a true gem to discover, the historic Old Quarter in Luxembourg City. The beautifully laid out parks and gardens in the medieval town and the cobbled streets lined with charming old buildings are perfect if you want to spend an afternoon enjoying a good smoke. If you stroll here with a little “herbal inspiration” of your preference, you may well feel as if you’re inside a fantasy roleplay game!

You can still see the ancient city fortifications surrounding the city, and there are fascinating landmarks such as old bridges that spawn over waterways. There is history everywhere. You don’t need a map or a plan to enjoy this amazing medieval location. If you explore the historic alleyways of the Old Quarter just following your nose, there will always be something to see and discover around the corner!

The Old Quarter, Luxembourg City


There are not many things in this world more fascinating than experiencing the mystical Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is there where you can find many archaeological sites from the time of the Mayas, with the Pyramid of Chichen Itza being one of the most popular and spectacular sights. The iconic Mayan pyramid is perfectly aligned to the sun so that every year at equinox, the shadow of a snake descends upon its steps. Smoke some good Mexican weed and you will be in for a truly unforgettable experience!

But Chichen Itza is not the only inspiring place that you can experience on the Yucatan Peninsula. There are many more ancient locations, such as Uxmal, the rounded-edge pyramid with intricate facades that was mythically built in one night, and Dzibilchaltun “the place with the writing on the stones”, with its “Temple of the Seven Dolls”. You can go on bus tours or rent a car and drive at your own pace so you explore Mayan ruins just like Lara Croft!

Yucatan, Mexico


The name "Iguazú" comes from an ancient term for “big water”—and “big” these waterfalls are for sure! Named one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World by UNESCO, there are few sights more awe-inspiring than the Iguazu Falls, so they’re a must-see location for anyone who ever gets the privilege to visit Argentina. Legend has it that an ancient god wanted to marry the beautiful Naipí; she, however, didn’t exactly like the idea, so she fled with her lover Tarobá in a canoe. The god wasn’t pleased about that, so he sliced the river and turned the two lovers into an eternal water fall.

The gigantic scale and stunning beauty of the falls are already incredible by themselves, but going there inspired by some good weed makes the experience just outright mind-boggling. There are several trails in the region that you can walk so you can experience spectacular views of the falls and the surrounding rainforest.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Sure thing, getting high in any of these places will make for an unforgettable experience. But know that not all places in the world have the same relaxed stance on weed like we’d love them to. So if you light up in any of those places, know that you would be blazing at your own risk.

DisclaimerIt’s no secret that humans have a huge impact on the planet. While smoking cannabis often draws us closer to nature, it can also cause us to accidentally (or intentionally) contribute to this mess.

At Royal Queen Seeds, we encourage you to leave no trace. Whether you’re camping in the woods, chilling on the beach, or enjoying time at your local park, always take your rubbish home with you.

Also, consider fire risks; never flick burning ash onto areas of dry vegetation.

Stay Cultivated.

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