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CBD Vape Pen

You want CBD Vape Pen cartridges filled with cannabinoids and terpenes—not unnecessary and harsh fillers. Well, you just found them. Our carefully crafted phytochemical blends contain CBD levels of 50% alongside an array of other cannabis constituents, including CBG, minor cannabinoids, and delicious terpenes. Choose from five unique formulas that offer a diverse range of effects and flavours.
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CBD Vape Pen: Bringing Quality to New Heights

Congratulations. You’ve just come across the most streamlined way to use CBD. No loading. No waiting. Just take a puff, and enjoy the experience. Our CBD Vape Pens leverage CCELL technology, making them the most high-quality option on the market—by far.

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Each cartridge contains a massive 65% of cannabis phytochemicals. Let’s break that down. A CBD content of 50% means that you’re guaranteed to feel pleasant, clear-headed effects with every hit. Adding to this, CBG quantities of 11% add another layer of relaxation that many other CBD products lack. Next up, an array of additional minor cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes serve as the finishing touch to this botanical blend.

Overall, this powerful synergistic cocktail delivers an unparalleled sensation of mental focus and physical composure.

The absence of any carriers, including PG/VG liquidisers, means that you’ll get a true taste of terpenes with every inhalation. Adding to this, our CBD Vape Pen cartridges produce a THC level of under 0.05%.

RQS CBD Vape Pens are available with five different cartridges. Each CBD Vape Pen kit offers a completely different experience based on its molecular components. Check out the flavours and effects of each below:

  • Cookies Gelato: High levels of the terpenes myrcene and pinene provide flavours of mango, pear, blueberry, and herbs. Expect a physically relaxing effect that ramps up cognitive processing.
  • Amnesia Haze: Sharpen your mind with every puff, thanks to a blend containing limonene and guaiol. You’ll experience tastes of lemon, herbs, citrus, and lime with every hit.
  • Royal Gorilla: Within this blend, pinene and myrcene synergise with CBD and CBG to serve up a perfectly balanced effect while flavours of mint, lemon, and diesel target the taste buds.
  • Triple G: Are you a Kush fanatic? Then take the time to enjoy flavours of pungent Kush and fruit with every hit. You have the terpenes myrcene and linalool to thank for this experience.
  • Purple Queen: Savour the contrasting yet complementary flavours of sage, lavender, Kush, and grapefruit. Limonene, terpinolene, and high levels of CBD and CBG will whisk you away to a place of relaxation and focus.
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