By Luke Sumpter

There’s more than one way to grow a weed plant, and plenty more ways to smoke it. You have so many options, so why not make the processes of cultivation and consumption as efficient and enjoyable as possible? Instead of settling for boring, obsolete, and expensive, we suggest you save a few bucks while opting for the most colourful, useful, and stylish options around.

Below, we’re going to introduce you to a bunch of cool low-cost items that rank as some of the best cannabis products available. Transform your grow space with colourful stickers, improve your wardrobe with some weed-related drip, and discover one of the most portable vapes on the market.

Weed Stickers: €6.95

Before getting seeds into the soil, why not take some time to set the stage? Of course, you’ll need pots, soil, and preferably a grow tent if cultivating indoors. However, these items don’t exactly scream “style”. Get your hands on some Weed Stickers to brighten up your growing area. They feature bright and colourful cartoon-style designs, including weed leaves, tattooed hands holding joints, funky strain names, and even lions! Slap these eye-catching stickers onto the inside of your grow tent, or even your garden shed.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

Freedom To Grow T-Shirt: €29.95

With your growing space now looking the part, it’s time to turn your attention to your wardrobe. Many weed growers take pride in their hobby, but prohibition and stigma make it difficult to express their passion. We managed to solve this problem with our Freedom To Grow T-Shirt. It offers a relatively subtle design that will send out a clear message to other cultivators that cross your path. Choose between a black or grey design and sizes from small to extra-large.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

RQS Organic Hoodie: €45.00

While our t-shirts will keep you looking fly in the summer months, you’ll need something a little warmer during the spring and autumn. Crafted from cloud-soft cotton, the RQS Organic Hoodie fits the bill perfectly. Thick and warm, this piece will keep you cosy as you mulch garden beds at the start of the season, and rake away fallen leaves toward the end. The kangaroo pockets mean you can keep a pre-rolled joint and lighter close at all times. Available in green and black, this hoodie offers subtle signs to fellow growers in the form of the RQS logo and lion, and the wording “keep on growing” on the hood strings.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

RQS Beanie: €15.00

Complete your look with the RQS Beanie. This one-size-fits-most beanie, made from 100% mid-weight acrylic, features an attractive waffle knit design. Slide it over your head while preparing the garden in spring and putting things to bed in autumn. Combine it with the hoodie (with the hood up) to really keep your body heat trapped around your cranium. Available in both black and grey, this beanie sports a cool patch that features the RQS lion and a couple of cannabis leaves for good measure.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

RQS Re:stash Jars: €26.00

Your growing space looks excellent, and you’re feeling fly in your new drip. Now, you need to grab some cool weed accessories to help you throughout the growing process. First things first, you need to prepare for the important post-harvest period. RQS Re:stash Jars are the best choice for storing your precious buds. These environmentally friendly vessels are BPA-free and feature lids made from renewable hemp fibres! They’ll preserve the terpene and cannabinoid profiles within your flowers, keeping them fresh and potent for longer!

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

Grow Planner: €25.00

Things can quickly get confusing when growing weed. Keeping up with watering schedules, nutrients, and training will soon send your head into a spin if you don’t keep track of things. The RQS Grow Planner will keep your grow organised from start to finish. Jot down daily observations, make notes on your feeding and watering schedules, and use the health score chart to keep tabs on deficiencies and other issues that might arise.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

RQS Smell-Proof Bag: €23.50

When the time comes to harvest your precious plants, you need to take steps to keep the dank smell of buds under control—especially when travelling. The RQS Smell-Proof Bag doesn’t only look good, but this cool weed accessory possesses an activated carbon lining that effectively contains the smell of skunky terps. Available in green and black, this stylish pouch serves as the perfect way to transport your stash without raising eyebrows.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

Krush Kube 3.0 Grinder: €65.00

You’re not rolling good joints without a grinder. Sure, you could use a standard acrylic model, but the Krush Kube 3.0 Grinder will process your flowers in a superior manner while looking better in the process. With an aluminium body and a smart square design, this awesome weed gadget will grind your dense buds into a coarse powder that makes rolling almost effortless. The neat kief sift chamber located on the bottom of the piece will also collect a stash of trichomes for those rainy days!

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

Activated Carbon Smoking Filters: €15.90

Your hippie friend—you know, the one that rides a fixed-gear bike and corrects your pronunciation of “acai”—told you smoking cannabis comes with no risks at all. Well, let us tell you, setting anything on fire and inhaling the fumes doesn’t do the body any favours. To reduce this burden, we offer Activated Carbon Smoking Filters. Place these organic creations in the end of your joint to intercept potentially harmful byproducts of combustion.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

Printed Organic Rolling Papers: €3.90

Are your rolling papers ruining the way you experience cannabis? Many papers out there are packed with dodgy chemicals that impact the way you taste terpenes. Our Printed Organic Rolling Papers are crafted from organic hemp. Not only do they support the hemp industry, but they also feature non-toxic soy-based ink and Arabic gum that reduce harshness and allow terpene profiles to shine.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

Plasma Lighter: €39.50

It’s no secret that lighters are unreliable. Not only do they quickly run out of gas, but smokers often lose their cheaper lighters because they simply don’t care about them. Kick this bad habit with the RQS Plasma Lighter. This efficient and aesthetic weed gadget will serve as a faithful sidekick. Weatherproof and rechargeable, it’ll reliably light your joints for years to come. Plus, it laughs in the face of high winds—an attractive attribute if you like to blaze outdoors.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

AirVape XS GO: €59.00

Joints are great. Blunts are fun. Bongs are nostalgic. But the AirVape XS GO will take your cannabis experience to another level. This lightweight device fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to enjoy cannabinoids anywhere, anytime. It heats up in 20 seconds, boasts a simple one-button control system, and features a variety of temperature settings that allow you to target specific cannabinoids and terpenes.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

Metal Pipe: €35.00

You’ve never seen a pipe this slick. The small stem and large bowl allow users to hit large amounts of herb on the go. The eye-catching mix of metal and glass makes for a unique and futuristic aesthetic. Opt for the RQS Metal Pipe if you want a portable piece that will serve you well for years. You can drop this pipe again and again—the aircraft-grade aluminium exterior will keep it safe and sound.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

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