By Steven Voser

Are you on a budget? If so, you're likely looking for ways to make your weed go the extra mile. Below we share some of our favourite cost-efficient ways to smoke weed, so you can make your stash last longer.

1. Become a Bargain Hunter

This is crucial: if you want to efficiently smoke weed, make sure you take the time to shop around for the best deals. If you live in North America, visit several dispensaries to find the most affordable prices on the strains you love. Similarly, if you live in Europe, get to know the prices of weed at different coffeeshops/cannabis clubs in your area to get the most bang for your buck.

2. Optimise Your High

The first step to optimising your high involves knowing when to light up. If you like to smoke to relax, reserve your weed for the evenings or other moments when you can kick up your feet guilt-free. If, on the other hand, you like to smoke and get creative/productive, find the right time of day and the right strain to ensure you have that experience.

Furthermore, you can optimise your high by storing your cannabis properly (which maximises the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids), and by pairing weed with specific foods and activities that can help to enhance its effects (such as exercise).

The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Smoke Weed

3. Buy Weed From the Right Sources (Or Better Yet, Grow Your Own)

Efficiently smoking weed doesn't mean you should trade in your quality bud for snicklefritz. Instead, make sure to buy from reliable sources. If you're lucky enough to live in the US or Canada, stick to the dispensaries that stock the strains and products you like. If you live in the Netherlands or Spain, do the same with your local coffeeshops/cannabis clubs. Buying weed from known sources will ensure you always enjoy your stash, rather than ending up with weed that doesn't match your preferences.

If you really want to step up your game when it comes to being a cost-efficient smoker, start growing your own weed. Besides being an immense pleasure and a great way to connect with this ancient plant, growing your own cannabis is significantly cheaper than buying it. Plus, growing allows you to explore a wide variety of strains, rather than just those available at your local dispensary/cannabis retailer.

4. Buy/Grow Potent Strains

Another great way to smoke weed on the cheap is to invest in more potent strains. This is especially true if you are a daily cannabis user with a high tolerance. Higher-potency strains contain more cannabinoids and terpenes, meaning you'll need to use less weed to achieve the effects you're looking for.

If you grow your own weed, consider looking into some of the following strains:

Cookies Gelato 🍪🍦

Packing 28% THC and a bold mix of sweet terpenes, this cross of GSC and Gelato is one of the hardest-hitting hybrids in our catalogue.

Royal Runtz 🍬🍭

Our Royal Runtz is as potent as the candy she's named after is sweet. With 27% THC, Royal Runtz relaxes the entire body and injects the mind with creative energy after just a few tokes.

Royal Gorilla 👑🦍

Royal Gorilla is our take on the epic Original Glue. She is super potent, steadily producing 24–26% THC, though some phenos have clocked in at 30%.

If you live in an area where retail cannabis sales is legal, perhaps consider looking into dabs/concentrates. Offering some of the highest cannabinoid concentrations to date, dabs are a great way to get the most out of your weed.

5. Try Microdosing

While some smokers love the effects of high doses of cannabis, others prefer exactly the opposite. If you're among the latter, microdosing cannabis can be a great way to enjoy your weed while simultaneously making your stash go the extra mile. Whereas large doses of THC deliver strong physical relaxation and sometimes even pseudo-psychedelic effects, smaller doses can be more uplifting, creative, and social. If these are the effects you're looking for, consider microdosing. Your wallet will surely thank you!

6. Ration Your Weed

This is, without a doubt, bound to be the least popular tip on this list. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you're serious about finding the cheapest way to smoke weed, this is probably the best advice you'll find; ration your weed into single doses and, if necessary, look for smoking herbs to mix into your joints or bowls. Here are some of our favourite tobacco-free smoking herbs to mix with weed.

7. Use the Highest-Quality Paper

There are countless brands and types of rolling papers on the market. And at a glance, they all seem to get the job done. However, high-quality rolling papers have one major advantage over cheap papers—they tend to burn more slowly, or even go out completely when you stop smoking. Say goodbye to losing valuable grams of weed in joints that didn't go out once you put them down in the ashtray.

Top Low-Cost Weed Accessories From RQS

8. Grind Like a Pro

Are you serious about being a more cost-savvy smoker? Then it's high time to ditch your cheap grinder or scissors and trade them in for a serious 4-chamber herb grinder. While these devices grind up weed just like a regular grinder, multi-chamber grinders have a special compartment to catch kief—i.e. the trichomes that autumn from your weed when you break it apart. When you've run dry, crack open your kief compartment and smoke it (alone or with other smoking herbs) for an instant cannabis kick!

9. Use a Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are a must-have for smokers trying to waste less weed. Whenever you roll a joint or blunt, some weed is bound to find its way out of the roll-up. With a rolling tray, this is nothing to worry about, as the tray catches any weed you drop, so you can either pack it into the number you're rolling or stash it away for your next session.

The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Smoke Weed

10. Learn to Smoke Properly

While blowing huge clouds of smoke around is a ton of fun, it's far from efficient. If you're trying to make your stash last, try some of the following weediquette tips:

  • Take smaller hits to avoid coughing.
  • Pay closer attention to how you feel as you smoke. Try to get to know your limits/sweet spot.
  • Avoid holding smoke in your lungs for extended periods. It won't get you higher and will only increase the chances of coughing.
  • Avoid inhaling as you light up—unless you want to cough your lungs out!
  • Consider investing in a vaporiser

11. Save a Joint for Later

With the strength of modern strains, few smokers feel the need to blaze an entire joint in a single sitting. If you're serious about being a more cost-effective smoker, learn to pace yourself and save some for later. RQS saverettes are perfect for storing joints and roaches for later consumption.

The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Smoke Weed

12. Reserve Smoking for Special Occasions

Cannabis is an ancient plant that has played an important role in spiritual practices for centuries. While you might not use cannabis in the same ways that our ancestors did thousands of years ago (or maybe you do!), it's still a good idea to reserve smoking for the right occasion. Be it in the evenings after work or in the mornings to kickstart your day with a positive mindset—whatever way you choose to partake, be conscious of your consumption and try to treat your sessions as a special occasion. This will undoubtedly have a large impact on how long your stash lasts.

13. Consider Buying/Making Edibles

Last but definitely not least on our list of the cheapest ways to smoke weed are edibles. Edibles offer cannabis users a more intense, long-lasting, and unique high. If you've grown accustomed to the effects of smoked cannabis, edibles can offer a novel, potent experience. Plus, given their strength, edibles are consumed in much smaller doses and can help you make your stash go the extra mile!

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