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Chances are, you've heard about the powerful cannabis strain Royal Moby. This type of marijuana is famous as one of the most blissful and potent varieties out there. But even if you've smoked, toked, vaporised or eaten this kind of weed before, there's likely facets of Royal Moby that you haven't encountered yet. Here is a comprehensive overview of this sticky green gem.


In order to tell the story of Royal Moby, we first have to tell the story of another famous strain of marijuana: Moby Dick. That story takes place in the Spanish countryside. Some growers there were experimenting with different combinations of cannabis strains. They discovered a potent hybrid of the two main varieties of marijuana: Sativa and Indica.

This hybrid, known for both its strong heady high and its abundant growth, became known as Moby Dick. Further tinkering led to a second variety of the strain, with a heavier Sativa influence. Moby Dick is widely known as one of the all-time classic varieties of kind bud.

But Royal Queen Seeds has taken Moby Dick to a whole new level. They have created a unique variation on the classic, known as Royal Moby. Like Moby Dick, Royal Moby is a cross between White Widow and Haze. This strain has a higher concentration of THC than any of Royal Queen Seeds' other cannabis strains.

Royal Moby has been widely recognised as an excellent strain. At the 2012 Cannarias Cannabis Cup, the strain was awarded first prize as the "Best Outdoor Sativa". Royal Moby also earned distinction that year at Prague's Czech Cannabis Cup.


Most smokers consider this strain to have a pleasant, medium-intense, sweet flavour. Royal Moby is often described as having floral or fruity flavours. People use words such as honey, sugar, tropical and nectar to describe the way the smoke from this strain tastes.

Royal Moby feminised very detailed photo of the cannabis plant


As a dried herb, this strain typically has a fairly mild and neutral smell. However, when you light it up there's a potent, alluring scent. Most people who experience the smell of Royal Moby describe it as spicy and warm, with a hint of delicious food.


Imbibing Royal Moby results in an epically powerful high. Because of this, this strain is best used by experienced consumers of weed. Most people experience the dominant component of the Sativa portion of this strain most strongly. However, the Indica body high is often present as well.

For most people, the Royal Moby high is a heady and inspirational one. People commonly report feelings of euphoria, exhilaration and increased creativity. Some consumers experience this strain as an aphrodisiac. The state produced by Royal Moby tends to be an energetic one; this strain is likely not the best choice for people seeking an herbal nightcap to help them autumn asleep.

Along with the psychedelic and mind-expanding qualities of this strain, many people also experience a good amount of body buzz. Royal Moby is well known for stimulating the appetite. This makes it an excellent choice for people having difficulty with eating, nausea or indigestion.

Generally, the high produced by smoking Royal Moby lasts for an hour to an hour and a half. Some users report a longer buzz, up to two hours. As with any strain of marijuana, the power and duration of the high depends on the amount consumed.


Despite being a mix between Sativa and Indica, Royal Moby behaves and grows mostly like a Sativa plant. The strain is named after a legendary whale for a reason; it can grow large, abundant and hardy. Because of this, it's best to give Royal Moby plenty of room.

You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors. But as the fact that it won the Cannabis Cup for Best Outdoor Sativa indicates, the strain is better grown outside. When grown inside, Royal Moby can reach heights of six feet. In the open air, it can grow as large as nine feet tall. The strain follows the general pattern of Sativa growth; the branches are long and slender and plenty of buds appear throughout.

As you might expect, such a large plant can result in gigantic yields of kind bud. When grown inside under grow lights, you can usually harvest around 200 grams per square foot. The outdoor yield depends on how much sunlight the plant receives. Royal Moby loves sunshine, the more the better. Under ideal conditions of abundant sunlight, each plant can give you as much as 1000 grams. Because it grows so big, Royal Moby needs a lot of water and nutrients throughout the growing process.

The Indica portion of this breed does show through in one major way; the flowering time for Royal Moby is fairly short, generally from 9-10 weeks. In most Northern hemisphere bioregions, the buds of this cannabis strain will be ready to harvest in mid to late October.

Royal Moby feminised very detailed photo of the cannabis plant


Whether you've been enjoying the sweet smoke of Royal Moby for a while or just contemplating trying it out, hopefully this guide has offered some useful context and information. Royal Moby is an excellent choice for a wide range of weed smokers, from those looking to grow their own supply of kind bud to casual, recreational users who puff now and then to those who need a daily dose of green herbal medicine. Remember Royal Moby when you're seeking a strong, mind-expanding experience.

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