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Can you mix cannabis and magic mushrooms? Does this mind-altering pair produce a synergistic effect, or will you just end up having a bad trip? Although the biochemistry behind both a cannabis high and a shroom trip is understood, interactions between these processes remain somewhat of a mystery. Continue reading as we walk you through the difference between the two, and see if weed and shrooms work well together.

Do Cannabis and Psychedelics Mix?

Cannabis and psychedelic fungi are natural sources of chemical compounds—cannabinoids and alkaloids, respectively—that produce altered states of consciousness following consumption. With use spanning far back into human history, various cultures have consumed natural psychoactive substances for a variety of reasons, ranging from the holistic to the ceremonial. Today, they are still used for these purposes in different parts of the world, and many people also use them for recreational purposes or to expand their consciousness.

Because cannabis and psychedelics produce distinct effects on the body and brain, users often mix them in hopes of experiencing a synergistic effect. 

While no clinical trials have outlined the safety or efficacy of taking cannabis and magic mushrooms together, anecdotal reports detail varying effects. Some users report that high-CBD products help to reduce the side effects of shrooms while high-THC levels assist in amplifying the hallucinogenic effects. Below, you’ll discover everything you need to know about mixing cannabis and magic mushrooms.

Growing Cannabis Alongside Mushrooms

But before we get into the effects—what’s the consensus on growing weed and mushrooms together? Should you cultivate the two side by side? For the most part, probably not.

Mushrooms require extra care and attention to stay hydrated and free from contamination. Whereas weed growers can simply toss seeds into the soil, mushroom growers need to sterilise their growing medium to destroy competing microbes. To achieve the first flush, growers use either jars or monotubs to create an environment high in humidity and CO₂ that works to keep contaminating microbes out. In contrast, cannabis requires a lower humidity and higher levels of oxygen to thrive.

However, following the first harvest, growers can transition their fully colonised mushroom substrate, now more resistant to contamination, into their cannabis grow room or garden in hopes of a second flush. Growers often opt to place this mycelium cake around the base of their plants, mulch it with straw and manure, and water it in. If conditions are right, you’ll see a second flush emerge in the not-too-distant future. If nothing happens, nothing goes to waste; the spent growing medium and threads of hyphae in the cake are a source of nitrogen and other nutrients that will feed your soil.

Cannabis vs Magic Mushrooms

To understand the compatibility between these two substances, it helps to break down how they differ. For one, weed and mushrooms belong to entirely different kingdoms of life. Belonging to the kingdom Plantae, cannabis plants are autotrophic organisms that create energy through photosynthesis.

In contrast, psilocybin mushrooms belong to the kingdom Fungi; they’re heterotrophic organisms that release enzymes to externally digest their food before taking up smaller molecules.

Aside from these evolutionary differences, cannabis and mushrooms have drastically different effects on the human brain.


The way a person consumes a substance changes the way said substance acts in the body. The route of administration influences the onset, duration, and even what secondary chemicals are created as a result of different metabolic pathways. As one of the most versatile plants, there are myriad ways to consume cannabis. However, options are limited when it comes to magic mushrooms.

  • Cannabis

Many people choose to smoke cannabis because of the simple process and fast onset of effects. However, concerned with the toxic byproducts of smoking, many have now turned to vaporising their herb.

Cannabis edibles are renowned for their potency. Eating cannabis-infused foods or consuming cannabis-infused beverages exposes cannabinoids to first-pass metabolism. This converts the primary psychoactive molecule THC into the more potent metabolite 11-hydroxy-THC. As such, oral intake of cannabis features a longer onset and duration.

Sublingual administration (placing cannabis extracts under the tongue) sends cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. This route of administration provides a rapid onset without the need to inhale smoke or vapor.

Cannabis can even be applied to the skin as a cream or lotion, although a negligible amount of THC will reach the bloodstream.

Cannabis vs Magic Mushrooms
  • Shrooms

Shrooms are either eaten fresh or dried on their own, added to other foods, or made into tea. The “lemon tek” method has become particularly popular among psychonauts, and involves soaking magic mushrooms in lemon or lime juice for a faster-acting effect and a better taste. Of course, there are many other ways to eat mushrooms, such as infusing them into chocolate bars or making blue honey.

That said, the oral route remains the most viable way to take this form of fungi. If you’re wondering if you can smoke magic mushrooms, you technically can, but it likely reduces their potency.

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Cannabis produces hundreds of different compounds that belong to several chemical families, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. However, the cannabinoid THC underpins the psychoactive effects of the herb.

Likewise, psilocybin mushrooms contain several alkaloids known for their ability to alter consciousness: psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin.

  • Cannabis

High-THC cannabis strains and extracts produce a “high” often characterised by feelings of euphoria, creativity, and open-mindedness. Typical side effects include red eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite, and anxiety. Edible cannabis, through the conversion of THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, produces a more potent effect that borders on the psychedelic. As such, negative side effects like paranoia, anxiety, and panic are potentially more likely.

Cannabis vs Magic Mushrooms
  • Shrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms produce a much more intense cognitive experience, depending on the dose. While small doses give rise to euphoria and enhanced senses, high doses are associated with full-blown hallucinations, ego death, and a complete but transient disconnect from reality in some cases.

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Mechanism of Action

As a “classical psychedelic”, magic mushrooms target different pathways in the brain than THC. With that in mind, the mechanisms of action of each substance give us a closer look into their potential synergy or lack thereof.

  • Cannabis

How does THC get you high? Following inhalation, the molecule enters the bloodstream and slips through the blood–brain barrier. Once inside the brain, THC binds to CB1 receptors, which results in an acute boost of dopamine—a neurotransmitter heavily involved in reward and feelings of well-being. But THC doesn’t work alone. Aromatic terpenes and other cannabinoids, such as CBD, work in concert to steer these effects toward relaxing or energising outcomes, for example. Edible THC, as mentioned above, takes a different route in the body, but ultimately also stimulates CB1 receptors.

  • Shrooms

Alongside LSD, mescaline, and DMT, psilocybin ranks as a classical psychedelic—a compound that interfaces with the serotonergic system. When psilocybin enters the body, metabolic processes swiftly dephosphorylate (convert) the molecule into the metabolite psilocin, which binds to serotonin receptors. Under normal chemical conditions, serotonin (the chief ligand of this system) binds to these receptors to help maintain normal cognitive function. However, by tweaking this system slightly, psilocin manages to catalyse a profound temporary change in cognitive processing.

What Happens When You Combine Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms?

So, what about mixing weed and shrooms? Does it cause a bad trip, or does it give rise to synergistic effects? In truth, we aren’t really sure of exactly how the two work together, and there’s no real science to back up any conjecture. However, anecdotal reports give us insight into the potential compatibility between psilocybin and cannabis. The results of combining the two appears to depend chiefly on the cannabinoids in question and the dose of mushrooms consumed.


While most people who mix cannabis and shrooms choose to smoke THC-rich weed to boost the psychoactive nature of the overall experience, others find that taking CBD alongside mushrooms helps to lessen side effects and promote a peaceful experience.

If you’re someone who experiences a lot of pre-trip anxiety, or who experiences anxiety when using THC in isolation, perhaps either opt for cannabidiol or exclude cannabis from your tripping ventures altogether.

How to Use Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms Together

But if you do want to combine them, how should you go about mixing weed and shrooms? Some prefer smoking before a trip, others during, and others when coming back down to Earth. Here are some recommendations for riding the THC and shroom wave at different points of your journey. Note that we do not necessarily recommend taking edible THC while tripping, as there is more potential for side effects and discomfort.

Before a Magic Mushroom Trip

 Blazing up before a mushroom trip helps some users get into the correct mental state before voyaging into a trippier world. For those who are a bit on edge before tripping, high-CBD varieties can help the mind and body relax, while high-THC weed helps some trippers—especially daily stoners—settle comfortably into their surroundings.

How to Use Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms Together

During a Magic Mushroom Trip

Smoking cannabis during a trip requires at least some experience with psychedelics. Opting for high-THC flowers and extracts will likely enhance the mind-altering nature of the experience, particularly at around the two-hour mark, when the mushrooms begin to peak. Lighting up again around the four-hour mark, as the effects begin to fade, will help to prolong the experience.

How to Use Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms Together

After a Magic Mushroom Trip

As the afterglow begins to take hold, many users find that smoking cannabis helps them to gently float back down to Earth, reflect on what they just experienced, and think of ways to integrate what they learned into their life going forward.

How to Use Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms Together

Should You Mix Cannabis With Magic Mushrooms?

It’s totally up to you. Both cannabis and mushrooms have relatively good safety profiles. However, the main risks revolve around mental health issues; both are best avoided by those experiencing, or predisposed to, such conditions.

We also don’t know exactly how chemicals in cannabis and magic mushrooms interact. For example, CBD disrupts the metabolism of a wide range of drugs and slows down the rate at which the body processes them. If you choose to use cannabis and magic mushrooms together, we recommend experiencing them both individually beforehand. Then, proceed by going “low and slow” until you familiarise your mind and body with this botanical and fungal combination.

Promoting Responsible Cannabis UseRQS emphasizes the importance of responsible cannabis consumption.

While many individuals use cannabis frequently without complications, some may be susceptible to developing adverse behaviours. We believe the herb should enhance one’s life, not hinder it.

Responsible use involves limiting consumption to adults only, refusing to operate cars or machinery while under the influence, and making an effort to resist abuse.

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