RQS Reviewer Global Head of Breeding

Andreu Francés | MS

Expert in: Cannabis Breeding - Genetics - Tissue Culture - Quality Control

Andreu Francés is the Global Head of Breeding at RQS Pro. He has experience with cannabis cultivation and has participated in many cannabis research projects. Currently, he is in charge of professional breeding programmes to develop new hybrid varieties.

“A winner is just a dreamer who never gives up”

Andreu Francés is a biologist specialising in Plant Genetics and Breeding. While pursuing his degree, he had the opportunity to develop his own project titled “Analysis of the production of cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa for therapeutic use”. After that, he collaborated with the COMAV research institute in a tissue culture laboratory focused on Vitis rootstock.

Due to his passion for cannabis, he started working at RQS Pro, where he joined the position of Global Head of Breeding. Currently, he is in charge of coordinating and supervising the breeding programmes for developing new inbreeding lines and hybrid varieties of cannabis. Moreover, he works on other research projects to accelerate his breeding activities, and to gain more knowledge about the cannabis plant.

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