Autoflowering Bulk Seeds

With marijuana legalization sweeping the globe, large scale grow ops are cropping up all over the world in order to meet the rising demand for this magnificent plant. To help meet the rise of this demand, Royal Queen Seeds has begun offering feminized auto flowering seeds in bulk in order to give our customers the absolute best in top quality award winning strains at unbelievably affordable prices.A prosperous and profitable yield depends on a number of factors, including; grow conditions, plant care and maintenance, and duration of grow. As anyone who has ever grown the friendly flower knows, time is always of the essence. In a proper grow cycle it takes a minimum of two weeks before a plant's sex can be properly determined. That's two weeks worth of waiting to find out whether or not your crops are male dominant and whichever ones are need to be cut down and replaced by new seeds, with the hopes no more males sprout up. A costly problem, in both time and money. Well, worry no more.
Royal Queen Seeds ensures that you get the highest quality strains, already feminized to save you time, money, and frustration. You may be asking yourself what other advantages there are to choosing auto flowering seeds. One added advantage is multiple harvests. Because auto flowering seeds flower automatically they allow for an earlier harvest increasing the potential for growers to harvest up to three times or more per year. Another advantage of auto flowering seeds is that they are more resistant to diseases and molds. Due to the hybridization of Cannabis Ruderalis (a cannabis type known for growing in adverse and harsh conditions) with high quality strains, auto flowering seeds tend to resist the same issues that could cripple and ultimately destroy other plant types. One last advantage of auto flowering seeds is that they grow incredibly fast. Grow times of auto flowering strains from seed to harvest average at about 8-10 weeks.
Here at Royal Queen Seeds, we have everything you need for grows of all sizes; high quality, award winning, feminized auto flowering seeds now available In Bulk! What more could a ganja green thumb ask for.

*** Royal Queen Seeds Free Seeds Scheme is only available for regular purchases. Bulk seed purchases are explicitly excluded from this scheme and other ad hoc promotions.***
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