By Steven Voser

420 takes place every year on April 20th. Or every day at 4:20, depending on how often you wish to celebrate. The term 420 has simply come to symbolise the celebration of all things cannabis.

But now stoners have gotten even more specific. "710" is a term that has recently gained traction in the marijuana world as a way to specifically celebrate marijuana concentrates.


420 is a celebration of cannabis and cannabis culture. While the term itself usually refers to the specific date of April 20th, it can also be used to refer to the specific time of 4:20, or can just refer to cannabis appreciation.

As marijuana has established itself in mainstream culture, 420 has exploded in popularity. What was once an unofficial vacation celebrated in secret has now developed into a day of public celebration. "Smokeouts" are now a regular occurrence in regions where marijuana laws are more relaxed. Following Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018, 2019’s 4/20 smokeout in Vancouver saw more than 150,000 people turn out for the event.

There are many rumours that seek to explain how the term 420 came about. Some claim that it used to be a police code for smoking in public, while others claim that it was the preferred hotel room number of the Grateful Dead when on the road. However, these have largely been debunked.

The origin of the term can actually be traced back to San Rafael High School in California during the early 1970s. The term was originally coined by a group of 5 students who would meet up outside of their school at 4:20 pm for regular smoke sessions. From there, the term made its way throughout California and eventually the rest of the US and the world.

WHAT IS 710?

710 refers to the 10th of July, in the same way that 420 refers to the 20th of April. This date was chosen for the simple fact that 710 looks like the word "oil" upside down. Just like 420 is a time for lighting up a joint, 710 is a time for dabbers to pull out their rigs and dab to their heart’s delight. But some take it even more seriously. The 710 Degree Cup is a concentrate judging competition held on 7/10 annually, and going on its 3rd year in 2019.

Similarly to 420, the origins of 710 are shrouded in rumour and mystery. It is first believed to have been officially celebrated in 2012 (the year of the first "710 cup"), although celebrations were almost certainly taking place before then. The legalization of cannabis (and concentrates) in several US states over the following years significantly contributed to its spread.


If you are unfamiliar with concentrates, you may be wondering what the deal is with dabbing.


"Concentrates" is an umbrella term that refers to concentrated cannabis products such as waxes, shatter, crumble, distillate, and concentrated oils, among others. These products are considered to be concentrated because of the exceptionally high THC content they often contain (distillates can reach as high as 99%).

Dabs are basically just concentrates that are heated on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then inhaled through a dab rig. Dabbing has been an established thing for at least a decade. The legalization movement has resulted in the regulation and improvement of cannabis extraction processes and in an explosion in the popularity of concentrates.

Is 710 here to stay? Maybe. It has definitely gained popularity as of late. Yet, its popularity is closely tied to that of concentrates. Will 710 live on even if dabs fall out of style? Only time will tell.

However, with the expansion of the legalization movement, the increase in popularity of concentrates, and advancements in extraction techniques, concentrates and 710 are expected to stick around for the foreseeable future.

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