By Max Sargent

It’s no secret that when we smoke weed, we tend to have a shift in thought patterns that can lead to all manner of unusual thoughts. Most stoners know this, but why does it happen? Here we delve a little into why this phenomenon may occur, what types of thoughts it can lead to, and finally, we'll share 10 of our favorite profound and funny marijuana thoughts.

What Are High Thoughts?

High thoughts come in many different forms, from hilarious and inspiring to dark and terrifying. Some of them take the form of our deepest anxieties and fears, while others seem to spring from the fount of some genius into which we rarely have access.

Exactly what they are is a difficult thing to answer. After all, they’re just thoughts. But they do tend to have a character that differs from our usual, sober thoughts. Stoner thoughts are absolutely a thing.

What Causes High Thoughts?

The mechanisms by which cannabis causes these specific thought patterns are not entirely understood. Though there are several pieces of research which suggest that THC—the compound in cannabis responsible for the high—causes increased blood flow to certain regions of the brain[1]. It just so happens that these regions are those responsible for functions such as abstract thought.

In 1997, it was observed that THC caused greater blood flow in the frontal regions of the brain[2]. Higher, abstract thinking and “conscious” thought is suspected to happen in this part of the brain. Indeed, it seems to correlate that more intelligent animals have more developed frontal lobes, implying that there is some link. If this is the case, then it seems likely that increased stimulation of this area could be partly responsible for the kinds of thoughts we’re used to having when stoned.

It’s worth noting, though, that chronic cannabis use, especially among users who start while their brain is still developing, is linked to thinning of the gray matter in these same regions[3]. So it’s worth finding a balance, as permanent damage to these areas is surely bad.

But responsible use should have your brain firing off thoughts that could take you far and wide!

What Causes High Thoughts?

Types of High Thoughts

High thoughts can be as varied (or more varied) than sober thoughts. But there are a few different types of thoughts or thinking patterns that we tend to associate with being high.

Funny Thoughts

First, funny thoughts. Absurd, ridiculous, nonsensical; the list goes on. This is one of the reasons people love to get high. In daily life, thinking patterns can succumb to drudgery, and we may not give ourselves the time or space to have ridiculous thoughts. This is where weed comes in.

Getting high, by yourself or with friends, often leads to a string of hilarious thoughts, and can be an evening’s entertainment in itself!

Profound Thoughts

Funny thoughts aren’t the only ones you can have. Many stoners are well-aware of the feeling of having stumbled upon something truly genius; a thought that could change the world.

Of course, there are times when, once we’ve descended into sober reality, these profound thoughts lose some of their profundity; but there are times when they do not. It’s worth taking note of any particularly profound thoughts you might have when you’re high, because chances are some of them will be good. If not, they might make you laugh next time.

Negative Thoughts

Not all high thoughts are good thoughts, though we wish they were. Cannabis is also known to cause anxious and paranoid thoughts too. These can range from social fears to something much more serious.

These thoughts are worth paying attention to. Not their content, but their presence. If you find yourself having negative thoughts when you get high, take a break. If you find it happens all the time, no matter what you do, maybe weed isn’t for you.

  • How to Stop Negative Thoughts on Weed

If you do find you’ve become a little anxious when you’re high, there are a few things you can do to try to quell those negative thoughts:

  • Take some CBD: It has been suggested that CBD could counteract the psychotropic potential of THC
  • Go for a walk: Moving around gets you back in your body and out of your head, helping to alleviate bad thoughts
  • Drink some water: It’s incredible what a glass of water can do
  • Talk about it: Don’t keep your discomfort bottled up—tell a friend
  • Try to sleep: If it’s late, perhaps just call it a night and sleep it off
  • Read about some good high thoughts to distract yourself (see below)

Top 10 Best High Thoughts to Put You in a Good Mood

Here’s a list of our favorite funny or profound thoughts to mull over after a joint or bowl.

A Procedurally Generated Universe

Perhaps light speed is the speed at which the universe loads, explaining why we can’t go faster than it.

Not Enough Time in the World

It would take 84 years to sleep in every bed in the hotels at Disney World, if you slept in each bed for one night.

Think Big! (Or Small)

A speck of dust is the halfway point between the size of the Earth and the size of a subatomic particle.

It Could Be You

Every day, someone unknowingly takes the biggest s*** in the world.

Where You Came From

The place you were born is the only place that you've ever left without first entering.

Food for Thought

A seafarer is also known as a mariner. Therefore, when they perform tasks, they're marinating.

They May Be Closer Than You Think

Our first extraterrestrial encounter will probably be humans born on Mars coming to visit Earth.

It’s Frustrating

Try to make a “th-” sound in your head, without moving your tongue.

It’s in Their blood

Considering they can’t use mirrors, vampires have great style.

The River of Time

2050 is closer to today than 1990.

Time to Think of Your Own

But there’s no need to let us think of them for you. Sit back and let your mind wander and wonder, and you’ll no doubt be producing your own stoned thoughts in no time. When they’re the fruit of your own mind, they become all the richer. Happy thinking!

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