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CBD has become unbelievably popular. Walk into most health stores, and you’ll see a wall of CBD-infused products. From skin care through to CBD edibles, what is it that makes CBD so highly sought after? The subject of much debate, research into CBD is blossoming, and its full effects on the body, particularly on the endocannabinoid system, will hopefully soon be known.

CBD can be smoked like traditional cannabis, vaped, ingested in oil form, or, as we'll be detailing in this article, eaten in gummy form. CBD gummies cater to a wide range of consumers by offering a wealth of benefits, with very few drawbacks. Let’s explore everything there is to know about CBD gummies.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are sweets infused with CBD. The type of CBD extract used in gummies will be one of three options: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. There is debate over which of these CBD edibles is “best”, but all are viable options.

CBD isolate gummies include only cannabidiol, excluding the accompanying cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis flowers. Broad-spectrum CBD gummies contain numerous cannabinoids and terpenes, but no THC. Full-spectrum CBD gummies contain every cannabinoid and terpene present in CBD flowers, including THC. However, THC levels are so insignificant that they will not cause users to feel high.

Some speculate there is an entourage effect that occurs with broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD gummies. As the theory goes, by containing a diverse selection of compounds from the cannabis plant, these chemicals combine to produce synergistic effects greater than those of CBD isolate.

Whether to choose broad-spectrum of full-spectrum CBD gummies ultimately comes down to preference, accessibility, and circumstances. The potential benefit of broad-spectrum is that it contains 0% THC, which means there is no risk of failing a drug test from use. This risk is also very small with full-spectrum formulas, but there is a risk nonetheless. Still, full-spectrum CBD formulas are thought to offer the most pronounced and holistic effects.

How the Best CBD Gummies Are Made

CBD gummies begin life as industrial hemp, a selectively bred variant of Cannabis sativa. CBD is extracted from the plant using one of a number of processes. The most common is some form of solvent extraction. Arguably the best and cleanest method is supercritical CO₂—which has become the standard for high-quality CBD producers. The benefit of this over other solvents is that it does not leave behind any impurities in the final product.

The cannabidiol and other compounds are dissolved from the plant matter, as they are soluble, whereas the rest of the plant is not. After filtration and purification, you'll have a clean extract that only contains the cannabinoids and terpenes you want to ingest, leaving the rest behind. It is possible to perform this process at home, but using a much cheaper and more accessible solvent: coconut oil.

Steam distillation can also be used to extract both THC and CBD from cannabis plants. By heating the plant matter in a pressurised container, the cannabinoids and terpenes will seep out in the form of an oil, ready to be incorporated into CBD gummies. That said, this method is inefficient; lots of compounds are left behind once the process is complete. The high heat and pressure can also cause the compounds to break down, leading to a drop in potency.

How the Best CBD Gummies Are Made

CBD Gummies Without Gelatine

For those vegans and vegetarians amongst you, there is good news. There are plenty of gelatine-free CBD gummy varieties available. Long gone are the days when sweets were the preserve of carnivores only—so you can enjoy your CBD guilt free!

Why Use CBD Gummies?

CBD-infused gummy bears present a whole host of benefits. There is plenty of research available on CBD itself, but we won't be making assumptions about CBD gummies for anxiety and other conditions. Instead, we’ll focus on the particular benefits of gummies over other methods of ingestion, such as sublingual consumption of CBD oil.

  • Long-Lasting

As gummies feature CBD contained in fat, they are digested in the stomach and broken down slowly over a longer period of time. The result? Longer-lasting effects compared to other methods, especially smoking or vaping. Whereas the lungs absorb CBD directly into the bloodstream, the stomach and liver break CBD gummies down slowly, gradually releasing the cannabinoid into the body.

  • Good for Your Lungs

On that note, CBD gummy bears are much better for your lungs and throat. For the health-conscious, or those trying to kick smoking, eating gummies is a much more preferable method.

  • Easy To Dose

Gummies contain an exact amount of CBD. As such, they are much easier to dose. When inhaling a product, the amount consumed can vary massively, and as a result you won’t know how much you’re taking. With gummies, you can dose to the milligram!

  • Discreet To Use

Smoking a spliff or vaping on a train often isn’t an option. So, there needs to be another way to take CBD. Maybe popping out to inhale some CBD during work isn't appropriate. In that case, CBD gummies have you covered. Nibble them at your desk and nobody will think twice.

  • They Taste Delicious

It goes without saying, but CBD gummies are enjoyable to eat.

Why Use CBD Gummies?

Do CBD Gummies Have Any Side Effects?

There are some side effects linked to CBD. However, these are very mild and will cause few people problems. What’s more, the World Health Organization has deemed CBD to be a completely non-addictive substance[1].

Possible side effects[2] include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness and drowsiness

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Eat?

As they are neither addictive nor toxic, it is unlikely that you will encounter any terrible effects if you take too much CBD; nonetheless, you should be cautious. CBD can make you sleepy at high doses, and it is important to take this into account if you plan to drive, or do anything else that requires concentration.

Usually, it is recommended to take one or two gummies at a time. It is important to wait a while before taking more, as the effects can take some time to kick in. Once you’ve experienced this dose, it’s basically up to you to play around and see what works.

If you’re making your own CBD-infused gummies, you’ll want to know how to estimate the amount of THC or CBD in your final product. This guide will show you how to do that. If calculating CBD, just replace THC with CBD and continue the process as outlined.

Are CBD Gummies As Effective as Oil?

As outlined, there are pros and cons to both CBD gummies and oils. CBD remains effective however it is taken, but the way the effects hit you, and how long they last, can change depending on the intake method.

CBD Gummies

  • Simple
  • Better for your airways
  • More effective with less CBD (compared to inhalation)
  • Easy to take

CBD Oil & E-Juice

  • Hits faster (effects will peak within about an hour)
  • Comes in a range of flavors and/or carrier oils
  • You can vape CBD e-juice (for those who enjoy the ritual of inhaling cannabinoids). Note that you cannot vape traditional CBD oil with an oil carrier.

Are CBD Gummies As Effective as Oil?

Which method you choose is up to you. If you love vaping, maybe CBD vape oil is the way to go. If you enjoy the sublingual intake method (under the tongue), opt for conventional CBD oil with a carrier oil.

If you don’t like inhaling vapor or putting drops of CBD oil under your tongue, maybe gummies are the way to go. Or, perhaps try both. Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, each method presents its own benefits and drawbacks. It always pays to be versatile!

As to which is more effective, it’s hard to say. CBD oil and CBD vape oil are good ways to experience near-instant effects, whereas CBD gummies are longer-lasting, and you won’t need to worry about taking more for some time. If you have neither the time nor the opportunity to regularly take CBD, then gummies are a good option.

When Do CBD Gummies Expire?

CBD gummies will last a long time; around 6–9 months if stored properly. However, eventually the CBD will degrade.

How To Store CBD Gummies

If you store CBD gummies correctly, you will greatly increase their longevity. Treat them no differently to normal gummy bears. If you store them in a cool, dry place and keep them sealed, they will survive for a while. Heat, UV light, moisture, and oxidisation will induce the breakdown of both the CBD and the gummy bears.

CBD gummies are great, whether used as an alternative to oil or in their own right. A perfect solution for those who don't like the flavor of CBD oil, and for non-vapers, they pack all the goodness of a toke into a tiny sweet. If you’re a CBD enthusiast and can’t get enough, why not try making your own at home, just for fun? Whatever your reasoning, it’s likely CBD gummies can offer you something worthwhile.

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