By Max Sargent

In this blog post, you'll get an overview of the legality of Cannabis as well as other things you should know before purchasing Cannabis in Honduras. This includes the price of marijuana in the country, the brands available and the quality of the marijuana available.

Is Cannabis Legal in Honduras?

Smoking weed is tolerated in Honduras. According to the laws in the country, it is illegal to smoke marijuana. Those with obvious health issues have been known to get around this law by claiming that they are using for medical related reasons. Even so, using cannabis for medical purposes is also not legal. In some cases, the penalties for using weed in Honduras have been mild. Smoking publicly is not a wise idea.

Those caught with marijuana may have to spend a day or so in prison. However, the penalty depends largely on the cop in charge of the case. Travelers have noted that corruption is well known in the police ranks and a bribe may just help to resolve your situation. Some travelers have had luck with pointing out that they are foreigners and had no idea that cannabis was illegal.

The Price of Cannabis in Honduras

The price of marijuana is extremely low in Honduras. One pound of weed will cost you about 1,200 lempiras. This equates to roughly less than $100 US dollars. The price of an ounce will vary from 100 to 300 lempiras. This is less than $20 US dollars. One gram of cannabis is less than $1 US dollar.
ICE Feminized Cannabis Strains

The Quality of Cannabis in Honduras

Good quality cannabis is not something that you'll readily find on the street in Honduras. Rather, you will need to know the right people and find the right connections. Some tourists advocate going to a concert or hippie bar in order to accomplish this. Scan the crowd for a friendly looking like minded soul and ask for his or her contacts. When using this tactic, it's important to choose those with a pothead look about them. Be careful when choosing the person that you will ask!

Experienced travelers also point out that finding better quality weed is easier on the coastal cities than in the capital city. Ceiba and Tela are good choices for those that wish to smoke cannabis during their time in Honduras.

Cannabis Strains in Honduras

There are several brands that are found in Honduras. Probably the most popular brand of cannabis is Shwag. It's not particularly great, but it will suffice. With the right contacts, you may be able to find Red Point cannabis, Afghani, ICE, Royal Dwarf or Amnesia Haze. However, these strains are rare.

All in all, Honduras is a beautiful country to visit where cannabis can be obtained very inexpensively. This should be reason enough to schedule a road trip to see what the country has to offer!

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