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  • Fast Eddy Automatic CBD

Fast Eddy Automatic CBD

Cheese x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis

Combining Cheese x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis, Fast Eddy Auto CBD is a fast-growing, flavourful, and CBD-rich autoflowering strain that we have bred with a lot of love and care. Expect her to go from seed to harvest in 10-12 weeks, produce generous yields, and induce a clear, mellow, and most importantly, functional high.
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Fast Eddy Auto CBD Seeds: The Successor of Cheese and Juanita la Lagrimosa

Juanita la Lagrimosa is an exotic cannabis strain well-known for its soothing high and significant CBD content. By combining her star quality genetics with those of the pungent and flavourful Cheese (plus a bit of ruderalis), we have created an irresistible blend of connoisseur-level flavour and a reliable relaxing high that offers both mellow tones and functionality.

Lightning-Fast Results Await With Fast Eddy Auto CBD Seeds

Being automatic, Fast Eddy's cannabis seeds rocket into life, both indoors and out. When grown indoors, expect her to reach up heights between 60-100cm, going from seed to harvest in as little as 10-12 weeks. She is relatively easy to look after, and can produce yields of up to 450g/m² if grown under optimal conditions.

Outdoors, Fast Eddy Auto CBD seeds produce plants that reach slightly taller heights, ranging between 80–120cm. She will soak up the sun, still finishing in 7-8 weeks and producing between 80-130g per plant under optimal conditions.

A Strain With Lucid Effects Perfect for Daytime Use

Fast Eddy Auto CBD strain produces a very pungent citrusy skunk aroma and taste, inducing a clear and comfortable buzz when smoked. It makes for a great daytime smoke - when you don’t want anything too heavy, and you have stuff to get done. This light and functional high also offers a good degree of pain relief, making her a worthwhile choice for anyone looking to alleviate it. Fast Eddy Auto CBD seeds result in plants with a 9% THC content combined with a high CBD content.

If you are looking for a light, flavourful, and enjoyable strain to work with, and want a lightning-fast turnaround, Fast Eddy Auto CBD seeds have what you need.

Fast Eddy Automatic CBD data sheet
Strain Type: CBD
THC: 9%
CBD: High
Yield Indoor : 400 - 450 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 80 - 130 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm
Height Outdoor: 80 - 120 cm
Flowering time: 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest Month: 10 - 12 weeks after sprouting
Genetic Background: Cheese x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis
Type: Sativa 50% Indica 40% Ruderalis 10%
Effect: Calming, Clear
Climate: Long Summers
Flavour: Citrus, Earthy

    By R. B. on 11/Jun/2024 :

    Title : Beccy
    Comment : Fast Eddy Name ist Programm. Sie hat sich super schön entwickelt. Nach 3 Wochen kommt die erste Vorblüte. Sie sieht sehr gesund aus.

    By A. L. on 11/Jun/2024 :

    Title : Fast Eddy Automatic
    Comment : I ordered three seeds, and all three sprouted at the same time. First, I soaked them in water for 24 hours, then kept them in a damp cloth for another 24 hours before planting them in the soil. Despite making many mistakes, the results are surprisingly good. I repotted them, pruned them too early, watered them incorrectly, used too little fertilizer, used the wrong soil with fertilizer at the start, and gave them little to no light initially. They shot up in height, and I grew them in a cardboard box with aluminum foil. Basically, I made every possible mistake. Nevertheless, they turned out great and are now 50, 55, and 60 cm tall in 6-liter pots. They are full of flowers and smell wonderful. In about a week, I can harvest them. I'm really looking forward to it and will order from Fast Eddy again for the next round.

    By F. P. on 30/May/2024 :

    Title : 🌟
    Comment : Supernice

    By M. K. on 16/May/2024 :

    Title : Martin
    Comment : Very good!

    By F. P. on 09/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Fast Eddy CDB Top with Low THC but very pleasant
    Comment : I bought 3 Fast Eddy seeds that I had already taken in the past. I used the wet paper method in the dark for all 3 seeds on the same day. The first seed germinated in 48 hours and is now in its 5th week in excellent health. The second seed germinated a week later with a severed, dwarf cotyledon. But now at week 4 he is in excellent health. The 3rd seed took 21 days to open but now it is very fast to grow. All ok. I can't wait to do the tanning.

    By E. X. on 02/Nov/2023 :

    Title : Fast and high!
    Comment : Even watching this girl 10 times per day, it was growing in front of my eyes. It is as its title. I would expect to be too dense, but once it is completely dry became bit fluffy. Still I was satisfied with the total result, as it was what I was looking for, a perfect combination for taking out the body stress during hard bodywork and making my mood high.

    By K. H. on 04/Oct/2023 :

    Title : pretty nice auto
    Comment : calming and energetic simultaneously.

    By G. M. on 02/Oct/2023 :

    Title : Fast Eddy, Great genetics 🧬
    Comment : I grew this girl outdoors in a 16L fabric pot watered with rainwater and biobizz grow+bloom every watering at 1ml per litre, even though we didn't have the best weather in UK she grew astonishing, nice big buds and great flavour with chill mellow good vibes no paranoia or anxiety, I'm going to try her indoors this time 😁 topped at 4th node and she's already fattening up nicely, can't wait to try stress killer next! As always great seeds been using RQS for nearly 10 years great quality 10/10

    By M. M. on 04/Aug/2023 :

    Title : M
    Comment : Great seed, great flowing plant.. It hasn't finished yet but looks awesome and I can't wait to smoke her..

    By N. F. on 02/Aug/2023 :

    Title : Super!
    Comment : Crescita veloce e buon raccolto, effetti super terapeutici anche in caso di dolori osseo muscolari.

    By R. I. on 21/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Excellent big plants, verry resistant compared to other strains
    Comment : +Easy to grow +Fast +Big plants compared to other auto strains +Good vibes

    By D. C. on 30/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Loved it
    Comment : All 3/3 seeds grew up lovely and smoothly, without any problem. Beautiful relaxing yet lucid high, ideal for chronic pain.

    By G. B. on 16/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Molto facile da coltivare
    Comment : Coltivazione indoor senza alcun problema. La pianta è rigogliosa, anche se i tempi di raccolta sono leggermente più lunghi di quanto scritto.

    By F. C. on 04/Jan/2023 :

    Title : First CBD Variety
    Comment : This is another first for me. Shows very strong growth! Looking forward for the final result.

    By T. S. on 30/Nov/2022 :

    Title : My favorite autoflower
    Comment : Grows very resilient inside and the effects are very healing. Great to combine with higher THC strains and CBD extracts as well for more punch. Had a few different phenos but all of them were high yielding and sticky.

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From j. Robinson | 2018-05-24 14:04:11

Is this strain feminised

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note that all of our seeds are feminized, including the autoflowering and the CBD seeds.

From Peter | 2017-12-20 16:50:11

What inside light cycle is recommended for Fast Eddy?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

You can check more information about this subject in the below entrance from our blog. https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-the-perfect-light-schedules-for-autoflowering-cannabis-n319

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Buying, selling, or trading cannabis seeds in the UK is legally permissible, regardless of whether seeds are obtained domestically or from other European countries. However, it is your responsibility to research and comply with local laws and regulations before placing an order.