By Luke Sumpter

What comes to mind when you think of France? The country has a rich history, exquisite food, and mind-boggling architecture. This appreciation for all things fine also trickles into the nation’s taste for weed. Despite having one of the largest populations of all European countries, a staggering 11% of the adult population used cannabis at some point in 2019 alone. And many more likely partook under the radar. Because cannabis remains illegal in France, a lucrative black market tends to this high demand. However, more and more citizens are starting to fall in love with the art and science of growing their own sticky buds at home. Below, find out which strains the people of France love the most.

1. Northern Light Auto

Northern Light Auto ranks as one of the most adored cultivars in France for several reasons. Her compact and aromatic blue-green buds certainly play an important role. Many growers are also intrigued by her iconic parent strain, the original Northern Light. This autoflowering version offers a modest but discernible THC content of 14%, culminating in a clear and uplifting psychoactive experience. Her terpene profile adds diverse flavours of citrus, earth, fruit, and pine to the smoking experience.

Despite all of these fantastic traits, it’s her small stature and growing speed that attract growers the most. Indoors, Northern Light Auto maintains an easily manageable height of 80–120cm and produces up to 550g/m² in as little as 10 weeks after sprouting. Outdoor plants grow to slightly taller heights of 130–160 and churn out up to 220g/plant. Pretty impressive for autoflowering specimens of this size.

Northern Light Auto

Northern Light Auto
Northern Light x Ruderalis
500 - 550 gr/m2
80 - 120 cm
6 - 8 weeks
THC: 14%
Sativa 0% Indica 80% Ruderalis 20%
170 - 220 gr/plant
130 - 160 cm
10 - 12 weeks after sprouting
Clear, Uplifting

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2. Quick One

Her name says it all. Our breeders designed Quick One with a single objective in mind: speed. By crossing the premium autoflowering strain Lowryder 1 with Old School Indica, they managed to capture this trait perfectly. But before we get into her record-breaking rapidity, we simply must make note of her effects and aroma. Quick One provides a moderate THC content of 13%. This might not seem like much, but it produces a relaxing, but not couch-locking, bodily sensation that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Her fruity and earthy terpenes sweeten the deal and contribute to her soothing embrace.

Of course, growers in France also love this strain because it helps to keep their herbal hobby covert. Indoor plants grow to only 50–60cm, but are still capable of pumping out up to 325g/m² in as little as 9 weeks after sprouting. Plants grown outdoors top out at 100cm and offer a return of 100–150g/plant.

Quick One

Quick One
Lowryder 1 x Old School Indica
275 - 325 gr/m2
50 - 60 cm
5 - 6 Weeks
THC: 13%
Sativa 10% Indica 60% Ruderalis 30%
100 - 150 gr/plant
60 - 100 cm
9 - 10 weeks after sprouting
Physically Relaxing

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3. Green Gelato Auto

So far, we know that growers in France love covert autoflowering varieties. While old-school autos were quick, they used to lack in the cannabinoid department. However, our breeders have created next-generation varieties that produce sky-high levels of THC while maintaining impressive brevity. Take Green Gelato Auto for example. This strain became a huge hit in France for its THC level of 24% and lightning-fast life cycle. The strain also boasts sugary sweet terpenes that make every hit a delight.

Green Gelato Automatic produces thick and compact flowers that serve up a generous coating of resin. The fact that this strain thrives in almost any environment makes her even more popular among French growers. If you want to grow this plant indoors, you can apply some LST to keep her at a compact height of 70cm. Even at this size, Green Gelato Auto will still serve up 375–450g/m². Outdoors, this strain demonstrates impressive pest and disease resistance. She’ll offer a return of 100–175g/plant after a growing cycle of 9–10 weeks.

Green Gelato Auto

Green Gelato Auto
Green Gelato x Cookies Auto
375 - 450 gr/m2
70 - 120 cm
7 - 8 weeks
THC: 24%
Sativa 55% Indica 40% Ruderalis 5%
100 - 175 gr/plant
100 - 120 cm
9 - 10 weeks after sprouting
Clear, Physically Relaxing

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4. Cookies Gelato

Cookies Gelato takes no prisoners. Her THC content of 28% strikes hard and fast to produce a stoning yet creative effect. Blaze these gorgeous purple-green flowers during afternoons and evenings to unleash your inner visionary. Not only will you enter a flow state, but you’ll light up your taste buds with moreish terpenes in the process. As her name suggests, the cultivar offers flavours of cookies, earth, fruit, and honey.

This cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato 33 will keep your stash jars loaded for some time. Indoor plants, at a height of just 90–130cm, are capable of churning out up to 600g/m². What about their outdoor counterparts? When grown in a sunny spot, they’ll bloom up to 650g/plant. The best part? You only have to wait 8–9 weeks to start harvesting and trimming.

Cookies Gelato

Cookies Gelato
Girl Scout Cookie X Gelato 33
550 - 600 gr/m2
90 - 130 cm
8 - 9 weeks
THC: 28%
Sativa 50% Indica 50%
600 - 650 gr/plant
140 - 180 cm
Middle of October
Balanced, Calming, Physically Relaxing

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5. Amnesia Haze 

Expert breeders crafted the original Amnesia Haze just north of France in the cannabis mecca of the Netherlands. It just so happens that France welcomed the strain’s high THC levels and motivating sativa high with open arms. As one of the most popular sativas in the nation, French cannabis smokers love harnessing her energising high during the day to get creative and fired up. With a name like “Amnesia”, it’s no surprise that this high is often perceived as near-psychedelic. Sensations are heightened and bliss is guaranteed.

Amnesia Haze gifts growers with a fruitful harvest every time, considering you cater to her nutritional and light demands. Indoor plants deliver 600–650g/m² within 10–11 weeks of flowering, and their outdoor counterparts kick out 650–700g/plant in late October.

Amnesia Haze

Weed in France: It’s All About Flavour and Discretion

What else would you expect from such a food-centric nation? As you’ve noticed, the cultivars on this list differ substantially in their THC content, but a couple of common threads unite them. First, French growers are obviously attracted to small and fast plants that help them stay under the radar. Second, they’re in love with fruity, sugary, and sweet terpene profiles that light up the taste buds with every hit. And we can’t blame them for having great taste!

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