23 Blogs about "Growing Reports"

A cannabis grow journal is essential, as it keeps track of plant development and ensures all of the growth stages are going as planned. Follow our grow reports as a reference point on your cultivation journey, and get the most from your crop.

  • Blue Cheese Auto Grow Report
    Blue Cheese Automatic provides a good yield of relaxing and aromatic buds in no time at all. If you’re curious about growing this cultivar, then you’re in luck! Below, you’ll find my Blue Cheese Autom ...
  • Fat Banana Auto Grow Report

    Looking to grow something new? Or maybe you've had your eye on Fat Banana Automatic for a while? Either way, you'll find some inspiration in this week-by-week grow report. It covers everything—nutr ...

  • HulkBerry Automatic Grow Report
    HulkBerry Automatic ranks as one of the most potent autoflowering varieties in the Royal Queen Seeds catalogue. This powerful strain produces a THC content of 21% alongside terpenes expressing notes o ...
  • Amnesia Haze Automatic Grow Report

    Amnesia Haze Automatic offers both beginner and veteran growers an easy and rapid harvest of fruity flowers. Check out how we grew her, and what strategies we used in each stage.

  • Flower Power grow report
    Outlined below is a grow diary for RQS’s Power Flower, a sativa with a fruity terpene profile and some impressive characteristics. My setup is modest, but as you'll see, even small grow spaces and lim ...
  • Royal Haze Automatic Grow Report
    Royal Haze Automatic combines the best traits of Amnesia Haze and Skunk with the efficiency and versatility of ruderalis. She provides a head-centric high alongside a palette of fruity and earthy terp ...
  • Critical grow report
    There are many traits cultivators can focus on when deciding which cannabis strain to grow: ease of growth, yield, potency, flavour, and effect are all factors that vary from strain to strain. Critica ...
  • Royal Cookies Automatic: Indoor Grow Report By Top Shelf Grower
    Are you looking for a next-gen autoflowering strain that can produce dank, delicious dessert cannabis? If so, this is the grow report for you. Top Shelf Grower shares his firsthand account of cultivat ...

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