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Painkiller XL

Respect 13 x Juanita La Lagrimosa

As world opinion slowly evolves to truly understand and appreciate the psychological, spiritual, and medicinal benefits of cannabis, so too is the biology of marijuana evolving under human hands to better suit each individual need.
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Painkiller XL: The Lovechild of Respect 13 and Juanita la Lagrimosa

Case in point: Painkiller XL. This new strain combines two well-received parents, Juanita la Lagrimosa (Spanish for "Juanita the Tearful") and Royal Highness, both of which are genetic hybrids of other precursor strains: Juanita la Lagrimosa from Queen Mother and a Mexican-Afghan blend; Royal Highness from Dance Hall and Respect 13.

A Perfectly Balanced Cannabinoid Profile

Painkiller XL is notable for its near-equal representation of 9% THC and 9% CBD, achieved by a seed that's 75% sativa and 25% indica. Although the sativa variety of cannabis is widely known for producing a mental, cerebral high while indica has a reputation for inducing a more physical high, other factors are more important to consider.

An Addition to the Pantheon of CBD Legends

There are other strains with very little THC and more CBD than Painkiller XL, but rare are such splendid balances. At the end of the flowering phase, buds will emanate aromas of lemon and diesel, which will become more pronounced after thorough drying and curing.

Heavy Yields in No Time at All

With a bloom period of 8 weeks, the Painkiller XL seed can produce 17.6 – 19.4 oz/m² indoors and an equal amount per plant outdoors. Inside, the plants average about 31.2 inches in height; outside, the average height is around 52.7 inches, with harvest time at the end of September.

Painkiller XL data sheet
Strain Type: CBD
THC: 9%
CBD: High
Yield Indoor : 18 to 19 oz/m²
Yield Outdoor: 18 to 19 oz/plant
Height Indoor: 2 to 3 feet
Height Outdoor: 4 to 5 feet
Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month: Late September
Genetic Background: Respect 13 x Juanita la Lagrimosa
Type: Sativa 75% Indica 25%
Effect: Clear, Physically Relaxing
Climate: Short Summers
Flavor: Candy, Citrus, Earthy, Fruity

    By B. P. on 14/Nov/2023 :

    Title : XL
    Comment : Pretty good effects - perfect for not getting too stoned, not the easiest to get large yields from imo.

    By I. S. on 28/Apr/2023 :

    Title : Track
    Comment : Gut gewachsen, nicht allzu empfindlich. Wirkt gut bei chronischen Schmerzen.

    By S. V. on 06/Mar/2023 :

    Title : S.V.
    Comment : My favorite CBD strain so far! Very rich terpene profile, smells spicy yet sweet. Very soothing, calming effect. Very good against anxiety and stress related pain.

    By M. P. on 15/Sep/2022 :

    Title : M
    Comment : Top

    By D. W. on 21/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Warras
    Comment : Top

    By E. J. on 06/Jan/2022 :

    Title : E.J
    Comment : Good seeds growing fast.

    By R. L. on 25/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Perfetto
    Comment : Al momento è ancora una plantula ma confido che cresca bene! Packaging davvero bello!!

    By G. M. on 26/May/2021 :

    Title : Rapida germinação
    Comment : As cementes germinaram em aproximadamente 24h, foram muito rápidas. Ja estão na terra e a desenvolverem-se muito bem !

    By G. I. on 26/May/2021 :

    Title : Very good
    Comment : In 3 giorni hanno germinato

    By M. H. on 12/May/2021 :

    Title : Dr Rausch
    Comment : Sorte ist angenehm für tagsüber. Wachstum indica Phänotyp normales Wachtumsmuster mit etwas viel Blätter. Sativa Phänotyp hat aktiveres High, starkes Wachstum und lässt dich gut Clonen. Sorte hat recht dünnen Stamm und etwas zuviel Blätter. Schön zu rauchen. Angenehm ausgeglichen.

    By J. V. on 10/May/2021 :

    Title : Painkiller XL
    Comment : Zeer tevreden. Werd ongeveer 2,5 meter in een pot van 40 liter, buiten. Flinke oogst vanaf kunnen halen. Vervolgens olie van gemaakt. Wietolie kan vies smaken, maar de painkiller XL heeft een redelijk aangename smaak. Geeft veel verlichting bij spierkrampen en helpt me goed door de nacht heen. Al met al dus zeer tevreden.

    By T. B. on 01/Apr/2021 :

    Title : Not for beginners
    Comment : She sprouted just fine, but it's been almost 6 weeks and she never grew more than an inch tall. My Northern Light has flowers already and my Royal Jack is ready to bud, so I really have no idea what i did wrong with this one. Maybe I'll try again with this strain in a few years with a more advanced set up.

    By A. G. on 29/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Alex
    Comment : Toutes on germées en 48h mainetenant il faut attendre la croissance

    By D. D. on 09/Mar/2021 :

    Title : qualità al top
    Comment : ottimi semi ben conservati

    By M. K. on 02/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Genial
    Comment : 1/1 gekeimt Das High der Pflanze ist wirklich toll, klar, sanft und herrlich. Der Geschmack ist ebenso großartig. Im Anbau zeigte sich das die Painkiller XL sehr hungrig ist, ich wählte leider einen zu kleinen Topf (6L), was sich darin zeigte, das sich die Blüten im obere Teil der Pflanze nur kümmerlich entwickelten und das trotz großzügiger Düngung. Dennoch wurde man am Ende davon High. Ich empfehle für die Painkiller aufgrund ihres Appetit daher mindesten einen 20L Topf im Gewächshaus. Die Pflanze kommt gut mit Schädlingen wie Hitze und Kälte zurecht, jedoch ist Blütenfäule bei ihr ein größeres Thema, im Freiland stehen die Karten schlecht das ihr Erfolg mit der Painkiller haben werdet. Ansonsten aber eine wirklich großartige Pflanze.

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From raul | 2019-10-11 23:43:12

Hola Painkiller y Solomatic son autoflorecientes? saludos

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Buenas Raúl, Gracias por tu mensaje. La Painkiller no es auto, la Solomatic sí. Las auto tienen una insignia en la foto dónde pone CBD Auto. Saludos,

From Jorge | 2017-11-07 01:20:40

That seed is autoflowering ??

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Cannabis seeds are legal in the US provided they contain less than 0.3% THC, as specified by the 2018 Farm Bill. However, it is your responsibility to research and comply with local laws and regulations before ordering.