146 Blogs about "Cannabis Science and Wellbeing"
  • CBD and Degenerative Disc Disease: What You Need to Know

    Degenerative disc disease describes a host of physical and psychological factors. The umbrella term encompasses a range of spinal conditions, from stenosis to facet joint syndrome. Early research s ...

  • Can Smoking Cannabis While Pregnant Harm You or Your Child?

    When you're feeling the pangs of morning sickness, the idea of sparking up a bowl or a joint can be tempting. However, most studies, including one in 2020, have shown that smoking, vaping, or other ...

  • What Are the Fastest Ways to Feel the Effects of CBD?

    Taking CBD in different ways results in slightly different outcomes. Sublingual administration and smoking provide instant peace of mind, whereas edibles take longer to set in, yet will take you on ...

  • Cannabis and Cotton Mouth

    Dry mouth, cotton mouth, the pasties – who is not familiar with this side effect from smoking marijuana? Until recently it wasn’t well understood how exactly marijuana causes a dry mouth and a sore ...

  • CBD and Its Potential Impact on the Brain

    Today, we explore the science behind cannabidiol and its potential effects on our brains. Is it true that CBD can benefit brain health? If so, how? Find out all you need to know below.

  • CBD and Sleep: Your Questions Answered

    Ever wonder if CBD can help improve our sleep quality? And, if so, how can you use the cannabinoid to better your own sleep cycle? Find out what the research says on the subject.

  • CBD and Sport: Muscle Recovery, Pain, and Sleep

    Athletes nowadays have been known to take CBD to help them through the process of muscle recovery, but does it actually work? What's the science behind it, and what physical issues could CBD potent ...

  • How Does Medical Cannabis Affect Asthma?

    In this article, we'll explain the correlation between medical marijuana and asthma. Can it serve as a form of relief? Or will it worsen the condition?

  • When And How Often Should You Take CBD?

    There are a few frequently asked questions by those who are new to cannabidiol (CBD), and even those who have been taking it for a little while already. Allow us to elaborate on when to take CBD, a ...

  • Cannabis and Post-Surgery Pain

    How effective is cannabis at relieving post-surgery pain? And how does it stack up against opioids and other pain medications in terms of effectiveness, accessibility, and side effects? Read on to ...

  • Will CBD Oil Trigger a Positive Drug Test?

    CBD is a cannabis compound mainly known for its potential health benefits. But, can it lead to a positive drug test? Let's dive in.

  • Cannabis Withdrawal: What Is It And What Are the Symptoms?

    Some stoners like to think there are no side effects whatsoever when smoking weed. However, cannabis withdrawals, like those from many other drugs, are a real concern. You can expect a fair amount ...

  • How to Prevent and Combat Weed Hangovers

    Have you ever woke up feeling exceptionally lazy and under the weather after a heavy night of smoking? You were probably experiencing a weed hangover. Sure, they've got nothing on alcohol hangovers ...

  • How Cannabis Interacts With Antidepressants

    Cannabis and antidepressants both work to boost happy brain chemicals, and even give rise to the creation of new brain cells. However, using the two together can result in potentially dangerous int ...

  • How To Choose The Right CBD Oil For You

    When it comes to CBD oil, it's fair to say they're not all created equal. However, you don't need to risk your hard-earned money on a product that isn't right for you, so it's best to get informed. ...

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