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Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit

Are you ready to take the first step into the world of weed cultivation? Or maybe you just want to simplify the growing process? Well, the Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit provides all the tools you need for an easy growing experience, from pots and germination gear to nutrients and seeds. This kit will give you confidence and help you learn the ropes of cultivation with ease.
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Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit: Grow Simply

After listening to the needs of cannabis growers, we have designed the Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit. Simple and effective, this comprehensive kit provides everything you need to germinate and nurture cannabis seeds into thriving plants, regardless of your previous experience. It includes all the basic tools for successful growth, from germination gear and nutrients to premium genetics.

What Does the Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit Include?

Explore the contents of the Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit:

  • Easy Start germination kit: Effortlessly master the germination phase with our seed starting kit. The 20-cell tray is pre-filled with organic soil and special seed-activating bacteria—a combination that drastically boosts germination rates.
  • Fabric Pot: The Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit contains three 11-litre fabric pots, providing ample space for standard-sized cannabis plants. They provide aeration and superior drainage, which accelerates growth and helps to keep diseases at bay.
  • Easy Boost Organic Nutrition: An essential part of this weed growing kit, add this carefully tailored nutrient blend to your potting mix at the start of the growing cycle to support your plant during the first few weeks of growth.
  • Easy Grow Boost Tablets: Designed to support luscious foliage, these tablets contain high levels of nitrogen that help weed plants put out large, waxy, and turgid fan leaves. Simply dissolve these easy-to-use tablets in water and you’re good to go!
  • Easy Bloom Booster Tablets: Switch over to these tablets when the flowering phase arrives. Lower in nitrogen, these tablets are loaded with potassium and phosphorus—two essential macronutrients required for flower development.
  • 3 x Easy Bud: With a rapid growing cycle of 9–10 weeks, you’ll soon have yourself a stash after sowing these seeds.
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