• Easy Roots Rhizobacter
  • Easy Roots Rhizobacter
  • Easy Roots Rhizobacter
  • Easy Roots Rhizobacter

Easy Roots Rhizobacter

Easy Roots Rhizobacter helps your plants access nutrients, reduces root diseases, optimises yields, and provides many trace minerals required by weed plants.
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Easy Roots Rhizobacter: Bring Your Soil To Life

Alongside several species of bacteria, each packet of Easy Root Rhizobacter contains a synergistic form of algae that helps them to proliferate. The algal species protects the bacteria from fertiliser irritation and pH fluctuation, and also contains 60 trace elements required by cannabis plants.

By adding Easy Roots Rhizobacter to your growing medium, you’ll give your plants a massive head start. The healthy population of microbes will form a symbiotic relationship with your cannabis plants, an agreement in which both lifeforms benefit.

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Help Your Plants Access the Nutrients They Need

Large amounts of high-quality organic matter help to build healthy soil. However, plants can’t take up nutrients in this form. The microbes found in this blend act as intermediaries in the soil food web.

Cannabis plants constantly release their delicious sugars to keep these little guys around. After they perish, they decompose and release even more plant-available nutrients into the rhizosphere. Larger populations also keep the root system healthy and disease-free. Higher levels of good bacteria compete with the bad guys and keep them at bay.

That’s not all! These microbial allies also produce hormones, vitamins, and biostimulants that will help to boost yields and produce dense and resinous buds.

To take the health of your soil to the next level, simply add 1g of Easy Roots Rhizobacter for every litre of soil and give the substrate a thorough mix. Alternatively, place 1g into each hole just before transplanting into new pots. Top up your substrate every 21 days by mixing 1g into water and applying as a root drench.

Easy Roots Rhizobacter - 50 grams

RQS Nutrients: The Best
Fertilisers for Cannabis

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Incompatible (unless used in separate phases of growth) High in phosphorous (check Special considerations for each product)

    By S. S. on 03/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Super raizes
    Comment : Produto super bio!! As plantas adoram!

    By A. S. on 21/Mar/2024 :

    Title : Differenza notevole
    Comment : Radici molto più vigorose e protette, inoltre sono sempre riportate le caratteristiche tecniche per bilanciare al meglio con il resto della gamma di prodotti RQS

    By M. H. on 09/Jan/2024 :

    Title : Super product
    Comment : I purchased this stuff and everything else RQS has to offer and I can see the difference it makes having this in the soil the plant growth is next level the stem are stronger and the thickness in the middle of the plant is also better and this stuff helps produce more bud site for sure can’t wait an till this grow is finished to see the end results ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍

    By G. M. on 28/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Root booster
    Comment : First class as usual Delboymac

    By V. M. on 19/Jun/2023 :

    Title : TOP PRODUCT
    Comment : i can really see a difference in the roots

    By P. R. on 02/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Master P
    Comment : Sehr einfach Handhabung, einfach ins Substrat bereits beim Umpflanzen geben und schwuppdiwupp das Wunder nimmt seinen Lauf;) danke RQS für dieses Highendprodukt im besten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

    By N. H. on 09/Jan/2023 :

    Title : The perfect seed starter 🌱
    Comment : To get a perfect start for your young roots, use it in your planting process and then you’ll get the best rooting system 👍🏻

    By A. N. on 09/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Per italiani
    Comment : Rhizobacter, assieme a Mychorizza, posso garantire fa una differenza veramente notevole nelle dimensioni e nella qualità del raccolto. Da neofita, prima di usarli, le radici riuscivano ad espandersi per circa mezzo vaso da 10l Da quando li uso in coppia (ora proverò i nuovi arrivati, sui quali scriverò poi una recensione), ho notato che le radici arrivano fino in fondo al vaso, sviluppandosi in modo uniforme ed aumentando notevolmente la superficie di radici, con conseguente beneficio nel raccolto (circa +30% su Gorilla ed Hulkberry auto), miglior sapore terpenico ed effetti decisamente più elevati. Con l'esperienza, ho imparato che si possono dare tutti i nutrienti che volete, ma se le radici non vengono curate e "potenziate", le prestazioni non saranno mai massimizzate. Consigliatissimo a tutti, soprattutto ai neofiti che vogliono ottenere un raccolto prosperoso, e che vogliono impegnarsi per averlo, in quanto questa è una delle tessere del puzzle, essenziale almeno quanto un piccolo microscopio portatile per controllare i tricomi e raccogliere quando la pianta sta dando il meglio di sé, ed essenziale quanto un misuratore di PH, senza il quale è praticamente inutile dare nutrienti. Ottimo lavoro RQS, ormai sono un cliente abituale, sto ricomprando (ancora) i microrganismi e funghi per le radici Se il prodotto nuovo che avete appena messo in vendita è buono quanto questi, allora mi aspetto un ulteriore incremento di raccolto e qualità! Ottimo lavoro!

    By J. B. on 10/Jul/2022 :

    Title : JB
    Comment : Gutes Produkt und einfach in der Anwendung. Habe es jetzt schon mehrfach angewendet und in Kombination mit den anderen RQS-Grow-Sachen ist es ein guter Weg seinen Pflanzen Nährstoffe zuzuführen und den maximalen Ertrag rauszuholen ohne viel Nachzudenken.

    By M. B. on 25/May/2022 :

    Title : Drogendanny
    Comment : Had een paar vragen i.v.m. het product, Deze werden zeer snel beantwoord,✌️

    By O. M. on 08/May/2022 :

    Title : Healthie roots
    Comment : Very usefull when you want to have healthie roots.

    By F. M. on 06/Apr/2022 :

    Title : ottimo prodotto
    Comment : essenziale per una coltivazione biologica

    By N. W. on 02/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Navy
    Comment : Ich kann dieses Produkt nur weiterempfehlen. Es hat meinen Pflanzen genau das gegeben, was sie brauchen. Nicht mehr ohne! Mit der Menge kommt man sehr gut aus, sprich einige "grows". Weiter so RQS

    By M. Z. on 29/Dec/2021 :

    Title : The Best
    Comment : My plants are always happy after i use this.

    By S. K. on 09/Dec/2021 :

    Title : S.K
    Comment : Perfekt für die Pflanzen Gesundheit (:

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From Bruno Farias | 2023-10-07 00:06:44

posso mescolare nel terreno (biobizz light mix) , Easy Roots - Mix di Micorrize, Easy Roots Rhizobacter, Easy Boost Nutrizione Biologica?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

It is best recommended to check the products' compatibility here: https://www.royalqueenseeds.it/blog-fertilizzanti-rqs-i-migliori-concimi-per-cannabis-n1436

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