By M. G. on 03/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Fruit
    Comment : Top Keimrate... sehr zu empfehlen

    By K. K. on 26/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Mega einfach nur mega
    Comment : Die Samen sind alle innerhalb von 3 Tagen gekeimt und super gut gewachsen sind zu richtigen Ladys herangewachsen die sind jetzt alle in der 2 Blütewoche und machen sich prächtig bin schon sehr gespannt auf das Endergebnis zu den Versand wie immer alles ohne Probleme und diskret und schnell auch das RQS Team ist top wenn man mal ein Problem hat reagieren die schnell und zuverlässig seit Jahren kaufe ich hier ein und wurde noch nie enttäuscht 👌

    By A. C. on 03/May/2023 :

    Title : Best smelling strain I have ever tasted
    Comment : Opening a jar of this strain is like being hit with a bouquet of fruit. Dried slowly over 2 weeks, cured for 4 months at 62% humidity, and for a milder smoke you can lower the humidity to 45%-50%. And enjoy. Very nice strain.

    By F. S. on 04/Apr/2023 :

    Title : Das 3 sementes 1 não germinou
    Comment : Das 3 sementes apenas 1 não germinou, é a primeira vez que me acontece uma semente não germinar, as 3 sementes foram utilizadas ao mesmo tempo, mesmo método para todas, todas em conjunto

    By J. R. on 22/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Fruit Spirit
    Comment : excited for flower

    By D. P. on 08/Mar/2023 :

    Title : fruit spirit
    Comment : very all around strain. I recommend

    By I. P. on 02/Mar/2023 :

    Title : 100%
    Comment : Totally satisfied 100%germinated

    By C. D. on 01/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Chris
    Comment : Très bonne graines 3 sur 3 on germées en plus c'était des graines cadeaux elle on 1 mois de croissance et elle sont très belles je reviendrais vers vous pour le goût et le hight mais merci rqs

    By T. N. on 20/Dec/2022 :

    Title : Good product/taste
    Comment : Product is good but i am a very big amnesia fan. Sometimes i try a different one and this ok but nothing can compare with Amnesia Haze if it comes to taste in my opinion. But beside the comparison the seeds did really well. All seeds developed roots and turned into strong plants with good ferm buds on them.

    By C. F. on 06/Dec/2022 :

    Title : Ottimi semi
    Comment : Semi di ottima qualità germogliati in 36 ore

    By P. K. on 01/Dec/2022 :

    Title : P.K.
    Comment : Perfect...

    By T. W. on 24/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Gutes Produkt
    Comment : Immer wieder gerne 👍 White Widow macht's 😅

    By E. B. on 07/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Monsieur BouBou
    Comment : Le goût fruité et sucré de cette variété, en fais la meilleure toute catégorie confondue pour moi :)

    By G. A. on 23/Oct/2022 :

    Title : good job guys
    Comment : good job guys!!!

    By C. H. on 10/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Kekzze
    Comment : Perfect High and Dilicious Taste!

    By P. G. on 22/Sep/2022 :

    Title : Mr
    Comment : Excelent !

    By A. R. on 19/Aug/2022 :

    Title : Huge plant
    Comment : I'm excited to see how this one goes I'm around 7 weeks into vegative stage and her leafs are enormous I can't wait to see how much she produces once flipped to flower

    By S. N. on 17/Jul/2022 :

    Title : Fruit Spirit
    Comment : Nice germination rate 100% RQS quality waiting on the results.. plants looking juicy..

    By A. M. on 15/Jul/2022 :

    Title : Promette bene
    Comment : In attesa della raccolta a settembre/ottobre, posso dire che la pianta cresce bene, sana e rigogliosa.

    By D. L. on 12/Jul/2022 :

    Title : Sprouted
    Comment : 4 out of 5 sprouted with discreet shipping.

    By L. L. on 11/May/2022 :

    Title : Mniam mniam😋
    Comment : Cudowny zapach smak😵‍💫

    By A. S. on 10/Apr/2022 :

    Title : ASseeds
    Comment : Top, sehr zu empfehlen

    By D. L. on 22/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Fruit spirit
    Comment : What an amazing plant, this strain has to be bought, blows fast buds out the water

    By G. Z. on 02/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Gunns
    Comment : Der Service von RQS ist phänomenal gut schnelle Lieferung und Top Qualität alle Körner sind gesund aufgewachsen und ich bin total auf die Ernte gespannt bis jetzt hocken alle buds schön im scrog Netz. Vielversprechend...👍🏼

    By R. P. on 28/Feb/2022 :

    Title : R.P.Zen
    Comment : Commande passée le 23 02 22 reçue a l'instant le 26 02 22 . vous ne manquez pas d'ingéniosité AU TOP et merci a toute l'équipe pour les 3 graines cado. parfait pour ma collection.

    By R. E. on 13/Jan/2022 :

    Title : Fruit spirit
    Comment : Brilliant seeds

    By J. S. on 09/Jan/2022 :

    Title : Fruit spirit say it all
    Comment : What a master piece of the weed world how many good properties can be made from this like capsule’s or balm for pain not just smoke but when you know from old skool widow she be genetically been made to empress

    By T. C. on 07/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Tom
    Comment : Die Samen sind zu Schönen kleinen Pflanzen geworden ,bin grad in der 3 Woche und ich freu mich schon sie wachsen zu sehen !

    By E. M. on 15/Oct/2021 :

    Title : Enrico
    Comment : Molto piacevole come sapore ed una sensazione da sativa che dura a lungo. Mi piace da morire

    By C. C. on 22/Sep/2021 :

    Title : Cyrill
    Comment : One of the best Here is one of the best seeds I have bought. It grows fast and big and the taste of it is really good. If you are looking for good times, you should get this asap!

    By E. J. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Title : 2/3
    Comment : 2/3 seeds germinated, tryin scrog for first time

    By M. V. on 24/May/2021 :

    Title : Ok
    Comment : All good

    By U. W. on 20/May/2021 :

    Title : Hi
    Comment : My favorite in taste.

    By J. V. on 06/May/2021 :

    Title : Mooie binnenkweek
    Comment : Sterke plant met vrij snelle bloeiperiode Prijs kwaliteit is goede verhouding

    By E. S. on 05/May/2021 :

    Title : zufrieden
    Comment : alle Samen gekeimt, wächst schnell

    By A. R. on 12/Apr/2021 :

    Title : Rico
    Comment : Super, kann ich nur weiter empfehlen

    By O. S. on 23/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Oli $
    Comment : super

    By J. A. on 22/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Tasty
    Comment : nice terps & high

    By B. L. on 18/Mar/2021 :

    Title : beu
    Comment : un delice apres un mois de séchage tout doucement .la tete en bas.

    By R. S. on 27/Jan/2021 :

    Title : fruit spirit
    Comment : tres bonne variété tres douce et forte en thc . me rend personelement euphorique .

    By T. C. on 22/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Mr
    Comment : Rapport qualité prix correct

    By J. S. on 12/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Fruit spirit
    Comment : Gibt hier bessere, aber gut im Geschmack!

    By J. L. on 22/Dec/2020 :

    Title : Fruit spirit
    Comment : Reçu tres rapidement, discret... Pas encore planté...à voir...

    By L. P. on 25/Nov/2020 :

    Title : aromatica e buonissima
    Comment : l ho trovata buona aromatica

    By D. T. on 05/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Fruit Spirit
    Comment : Easy growing plant that in the right conditions guarantees nice and big flowers. If you like to be mind stoned and you love sweet flavor's weed you can't miss this strain!

    By P. S. on 26/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Pierre
    Comment : Super bonne weed et effet Sativa délicieux 😋

    By D. S. on 16/Oct/2020 :

    Title : A nice taste and enjoyable effects
    Comment : Grows well and offers decent yield

    By A. B. on 16/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Alex
    Comment : Alle 3 Samen haben am dritten Tag gekeimt. Jetzt wachsen sie seit 2 Wochen fröhlich und noch läuft alles wie es soll

    By J. M. on 13/Oct/2020 :

    Title : FRUIT SPIRIT
    Comment : I have grown this plant several times. A lovely short, uniform, single cola structure. Low odour. Quite a nice taste and a good 'middle of the road' high/stone. Very good value for money. Definitely recommend.

    By M. B. on 28/Sep/2020 :

    Title : Sweet
    Comment : Délicieuse

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