By Luke Sumpter

Hiding weed won’t only save you from unwanted awkward conversations. You have a duty to keep your stash locked away and hidden if you live with children and/or pets. Below, you'll discover a long list of effective options for hiding your herb.

1. Don’t Attract Attention

First things first—avoid gimmicks that attract attention. Although funny (at least to some people), novelty boxes that have “Dad’s Secret Stash” plastered over the front are far from effective. Obviously, these items are jokes, but don’t be tempted to sacrifice the stealth of your stash for a couple of cheap laughs.

2. Inside a Hollowed-Out Book

Hollowed-out books are an old-school yet effective way of stashing weed. They’re even more effective if you have a big book collection. You can purchase a hollowed-out book, or simply make one by carving out pages using a Stanley blade. Opt for hardback books for a sturdier storage option.

3. The Little Black Containers for Film Rolls

These small containers are great for storing small amounts of weed. They’re easy to stuff away at the back of an out-of-reach cupboard or drawer. Unless your housemates or kids have a penchant for analogue photography, your weed will remain unseen and untouched.

Places to stash weed

4. Behind a Picture Frame—The More Mundane, the Better

When it comes to the best place to hide weed, don’t rule out picture frames. But we’re not talking about conventional frames. Specialised frames with an inbuilt storage compartment work as the perfect place to stash anything valuable, from gold to weed. Just make sure it doesn’t contain an adorable picture of your kids or puppies, as visitors are likely to pick these up for a closer inspection.

5. Inside a Candle Jar

Candle jars add a nice touch of decoration to any room. They don’t exactly draw attention, but simply fade into the background. If you have an opaque model with a lid, you can get away with safely stashing some weed.

6. Underneath a Potted Plant

Whether you’re a green-fingered horticulturist or prefer low-maintenance fake plastic plants, plant pots are an ideal place to stash weed under. Opt for a heavy pot that kids can’t lift and won’t blow over in heavy winds. Place your weed in a ziplock bag before stashing it away to stop creepy crawlies from getting to it.

7. In a False-Bottom Drawer

Have you ever heard of a false-bottom drawer? They’re essentially drawers with a hidden compartment at the bottom. Even if somebody happens to start snooping around your desk, they’re highly unlikely to stumble across anything stored in one of these units.

8. In a False-Bottom Shoe Box

False-bottom shoe boxes share a similar design. Even if your kids empty out your entire shoe box in a moment of extreme boredom, they’ll stop when it’s empty. Only the most forensic of searchers will even think of the possibility of another compartment underneath.

Places to stash weed

9. Inside Fake Air Vents or Bulbs

Are you dealing with exceptionally clever kids or weed-hungry housemates? If so, you might need to up your game. Fake air vents and light bulbs offer another level of stealth. Both of these options need to fit into a place where they look natural. Once in situ, they’re pretty much failsafe.

10. Inside a Secret Compartment in Your Computer

Computer towers are handy pieces of kit—you can even grow weed inside of them! Depending on the amount of herb you want to stash away, you can easily hide cannabis in a computer tower by simply removing a couple of screws here and there. The fact that you probably spend a lot of time on your computer means that browsing the Internet will double up as guard duty.

11. Inside a False-Bottom Toolbox

It would take a special kind of weed fiend to empty an entire toolbox and proceed to rip out its bottom in pursuit of THC. Unless you’re dealing with sniffer dogs, nobody is going to find weed stored in a false-bottom toolbox.

12. In a Secret Pocket

Secret pockets can help to keep your weed concealed both at home and on the go. Concealed pockets in jackets, coats, purses, backpacks, and even wallets can keep your weed close by at all times.

13. In a Small Container of Laundry Detergent

If you have young kids, you’re already keeping your laundry detergent out of reach. Regardless of who you’re hiding weed from, the chances of them looking in this location are very unlikely. Wash out the detergent bottle thoroughly before placing your weed in a ziplock bag and then into the bottle.

14. Inside a Bottle of Shampoo or Conditioner

Buy a cheap and boring brand of shampoo or conditioner. It needs to lack a pretty logo that will attract kids, and seem cheap enough next to your more expensive options to turn guests off from picking it up. Empty the bottle and rinse it out. Fill it up to around 25% capacity with water, place your weed in a 100% waterproof bag, and stuff it into the bottle; you’ll probably need a sharp knife to liberate your stash when you fancy a smoke, though!

15. Deodorants—Either Stick or Spray

Fake deodorant bottles are a great place to hide weed at home and while travelling. Obviously, you don’t want to travel through customs with one of these, but they make a great option for smuggling buds into music festivals or domestic holiday destinations.

Places to stash weed

16. Inside a Small Container of Lip Balm

We get it, you’re not Pablo Escobar; you don’t intend to carry bricks of weed everywhere you go. If you’re looking to stash just enough for a couple of vape hits, load a few tiny nugs into an empty and cleaned lip balm container.

17. Inside a Tampon Box

Most people respect others enough to not go snooping through their tampon boxes! If you want a reliable place to hide weed, you don’t need to invest in expensive novelty items. Just place a good amount of bud nestled among your tampons.

18. Inside a Bag of Coffee Beans

Weed and coffee work well together in several different ways. Not only do energising strains go hand in hand with a strong cup of coffee, but coffee beans make a great stash option. Plus, the smell of a dark roast will help to mask the familiar scent of terpenes and sulphur compounds.

19. In a Fake Gum or Candy Container

Admittedly, this one carries a little bit of risk at home. Kids are innately drawn to sweets and gum! However, these convincing fake containers make a great option for hiding weed while working in the office or setting off on a road trip.

20. Buried in a False Container of Cat Litter

Even unused cat litter grosses most people out. If you’ve ever encountered a litter tray filled with what comes out the back end of a cat, then you’ll want nothing to do with the clean stuff when you don’t have to use it. Naturally, storing wrapped-up weed and cannabis edibles in a fake litter box proves a safe and effective strategy.

21. Food Boxes

Weetos and Cheerios boxes aren’t a good option for obvious reasons. Instead, place your weed in a box of boring dry muesli to deter children from even thinking about opening the box. Alternatively, fake Heinz beans cans are very convincing—just place them in a high-up cupboard.

22. Fake-Bottom Metal Water Bottle

Water bottles are among the most inconspicuous items a person can carry, especially on a warm summer’s day. If you’re commuting to work, hiking some trails, heading to the beach, or even going to the gym, then stash your weed in a fake-bottom water bottle for peace of mind.

23. Fake Clock

Positioned high up on a wall, fake clocks keep weed way out of reach of children and out of sight of any visitors, including inspecting landlords. Not only are fake clocks a good place to hide weed, but some of them actually work and tell the time!

24. Fire Extinguisher

Sounds weird, right? But hear us out. Fire extinguishers can look out of place in some houses. However, they fit right into some residential buildings, such as large blocks of apartments. Fake extinguishers have enough room inside of them to stash a whole lot of weed. Just make sure you have an operational one hidden nearby in case of an emergency.

Places to stash weed

25. Cleaning Sprays

Cleaning sprays are exceptionally boring objects. So much so, that it takes a considerable amount of effort to pick them up and use them for their intended purpose. Most people won’t look twice at a cleaning spray, making empty bottles good places to stash cannabis and weed edibles.

26. Fake Lighter

Fake lighters blend in perfectly with their real counterparts. Just make sure the one you use to stash weed has distinct features that make it stand out to you—you don’t want to give it away by accident!

27. Fake Car Keys

Unlock a secret hiding place! Car keys are everyday items that blend into the background. Keep them in your pocket while cruising in your car or strolling down the street for an undetectable mini stash.

28. Smoking Box

Smoking boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them look like innocent jewellery boxes, whereas others have the appearance of books. These stash boxes are also typically big enough to hide away papers, grinders, and other smoking accessories.

29. In a Small Lockbox Buried in Your Backgarden

If you’re desperate to stash a large amount of weed as well as possible, then you need to take some extreme measures. Grab a shovel, wait until nightfall, and get digging! Stuff your weed into a lockbox, throw it into the hole, and fill it in with dirt. Place a garden ornament over the top to cover up the disturbed patch.

30. Keep It on You!

No matter how well you stash your weed, there’s always that feeling of unease when you’re away for a while. To avoid this issue, simply keep it on your person! Use portable stash boxes like those mentioned above, and use smell-proof bags to avoid raising eyebrows as you walk past people.

31. Inside a Stuffed Animal

Kids and dogs can make easy work of ripping open stuffed animals! However, if you’re somebody that keeps them as decoration or collector's items, they make a good hiding place for cannabis.

Places to stash weed

Tips for Keeping Your Weed Fresh While Stashed

No matter where you hide your weed, you need to take measures to keep it fresh. To keep your buds in good condition, follow these simple rules:

  • Cure your weed correctly
  • Store it in a dry, dark location
  • Store at temperatures below 25.5ºC
  • Keep your storage location clean

Why Keeping Weed Hidden at Home Is Important

Some of the stash strategies mentioned above might seem extreme to some people. However, there are some very important reasons to keep your cannabis hidden as secretly as possible. These include:

  • To stop kids from finding cannabis edibles and becoming extremely ill
  • To prevent pets from consuming weed and requiring a visit to the vet
  • To prevent landlords with a zero-weed policy from stumbling across your stash
  • To keep your appreciation for weed hidden from friends and family when needed

Keeping Weed Away From Kids

Taking extreme measures to hide weed from your kids ultimately keeps them safe. Exposing children to cannabis use at a young age could encourage them to tell other people you don’t want to find out. Children can also end up in the hospital if they unknowingly consume cannabis-infused sweets and other foods and drinks. Hiding cannabis well is part of using the herb responsibly. Wait until your children are old enough to understand the risks before talking to them about cannabis use.

Keeping Weed Away From Pets

Kids aren’t the only members of the household at risk from consuming cannabis. Cats and dogs can become poisoned following cannabis exposure. Keeping your weed well hidden and out of reach will help to prevent cases of cannabis toxicity.

Places to stash weed

The Social Stigma Surrounding Weed

Even without kids and pets in the household, many people feel the need to hide their weed because of social stigma. Although they might choose to smoke weed instead of drinking and using other drugs, some people still feel judged by their family and friends. With cannabis legalization continuing to advance across the world, the need to hide cannabis consumption will hopefully come to an end relatively soon.

Hiding Weed Well: A Matter of Responsibility

Hiding your weed well doesn’t just protect your personal interests. It can potentially save your kid a trip to the hospital and your pets from a bout of cannabis toxicity. As you’ve read, there are many different ways to keep your weed out of reach and out of sight. Choose the options that work best for you, and take pride in using cannabis responsibly.

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