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RQS Reviewer Teacher and Quality Control Manager

Silvia Maroto

Expert in: Biology - Transgenic Crops - Quality Control & Food Safety

Silvia Maroto has extensive experience as a technician and quality control manager in food companies. She is very interested in everything related to transgenic crops, as a result of her final degree project. She is currently a teacher in high schools and vocational training centres.

“Those with ambition tread further than those with mere ability”

Silvia Maroto is a biologist specialising in Food Safety and Quality Management and Control. During her degree, she had the opportunity to carry out research work on the state of transgenic crops worldwide in her degree project "Transgenic Crops: state of play". In collaboration with certain companies, she has developed work on the extension of primary and secondary shelf life in food products supplied to large food chains in Spain. Subsequent to these works, she started working as a quality manager in a food company. Currently, she is also a teacher of Biology and Geology, Anatomy and Scientific Culture, as well as some scientific and health professional training courses.

Silvia’s latest reviewed posts

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