• Method Seven Grow Room Glasses
  • Method Seven Grow Room Glasses
  • Method Seven Grow Room Glasses
  • Method Seven Grow Room Glasses
  • Method Seven Grow Room Glasses
  • Method Seven Grow Room Glasses

Method Seven Grow Room Glasses

Tending to your plants can become quite challenging under blue and pink LEDs and powerful HPS lights. Although your specimens thrive under these wavelengths, pruning, feeding, and training can be hard when things look overly blue, pink, or yellow. That's where the Grow Room Glasses by Method Seven come in. They filter out these wavelengths and make your grow room appear completely normal.
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Method Seven - HPS & LED Grow Room Glasses: See Your Plants in the Best Light

Method Seven Grow Room Glasses are designed to help cannabis cultivators see better. Entering a growing tent illuminated by high-powered LED or HPS lights looks cool at first, but these environments can quickly make it hard to see. As well as being harsh on the eyes, these types of lights make it difficult to conduct finer work such as topping, training, and pruning.

Method Seven Grow Room Glasses solve this problem. They neutralise the colours emitted by these light sources and make things look entirely normal and balanced, without impacting vibrancy.

Both of the models below are designed for use under different types of growing lights, keeping your eyes adjusted in a variety of settings.

They feature a Flash Silver exterior lens coating made to the standards of Carl Zeiss—an industry leader in eyeglass lenses. The lenses are also constructed from premium polymers with 100% UV protection. Their decentred shape removes the distortion that occurs when looking at life through curved lenses.

Both models also possess Operator frames crafted from durable yet flexible Swiss polymer technology. They’re lightweight, versatile, and strong.

Method Seven Grow Room HPS Glasses

The HPS Grow Room Glasses feature photo filters optimised for tents illuminated by high-pressure sodium bulbs. They filter out excessive yellow wavelengths and allow growers to see in true colour in these environments.

Method Seven Grow Room LED Glasses

The LED Grow Room Glasses are specifically compatible with blue and purple LED lights. Although these wavelengths help to facilitate plant growth, they can take a toll on the eyes after long periods of exposure and make it hard to adapt to normal lighting after spending some time with your plants.

These glasses allow growers to see in true colour in their growing space while eliminating any irritation from these unusual wavelengths of light.

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