By R. L. on 09/Apr/2024 :

    Title : Anonym
    Comment : Aktuelles Stadium: 2. Woche Wachstum 2/3 gekeimt, sind sehr empfindlich was Licht betrifft, habe in der ersten Woche schon angefangen zu Düngen um die Toleranz herauszufinden (All-Mix Substrat, BioBizz), keine anzeichen von Überdüngung, also hier volle Punktzahl. Überwässerungsempfindlich anscheinend auch nicht, haben trotz leichter Staunässe ein gutes Anfangsstadium hingelegt und bin auf die Blüte gespannt. Alles in allem eine recht gute Sorte bis hierhin und top Versand

    By J. K. on 05/Mar/2024 :

    Title : new to growing
    Comment : Just ordered this and i can't wait to grow it, i only smoke low thc cannabis as i only smoke to sleep better. i was thrilled when i saw a cannabis plant with low thc and thought i would give it a try! cant wait to see it grow and flourish ! :D

    By N. B. on 12/Feb/2024 :

    Title : cousin it
    Comment : Good for everyone, in every way, for and in everything, any time. leaves make a tasty tea e.g.

    By B. G. on 18/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Super strong, super dank
    Comment : Highly resilient to stress, dank as fuck, completely pure cbd. What more could you ask for fr so good, tastes as described

    By P. L. on 27/Oct/2023 :

    Title : Velké šišky
    Comment : Super velké šišky, dobrá chuť a nádherné aroma. Perfektní!

    By B. V. on 31/Aug/2023 :

    Title : Grande qualidade!!!
    Comment : Já está a crecer.... Parecem ter grande qualidade esta semente.

    By D. V. on 03/Aug/2023 :

    Title : Willi
    Comment : alle Aufgegangen-wachsen prima

    By F. N. on 12/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Ottimi semi
    Comment : Semi germogliati tutti 3 in 2 giorni, piante finite e dopo aver fatto una buona concia devo dire di essere soddisfatto del prodotto. Ottimo sapore e buon rilassamento.Vaporizzo solo Cbd dato che purtroppo non sopporto il thc. La prossima volta acquistero' un'altra sorte per provare. Ps: sarebbe bello che per i semi in regalo ci fosse la possibilita' di scegliere anche semi CBD,perche' purtroppo per persone come me con quelli contenenti Thc non servono a niente. Comunque grazie RQS.

    By D. V. on 22/May/2023 :

    Title : dom
    Comment : tout était ok jusqu'à la germination sauf que j'ai brulé mes plants à cause de ma lampe donc je ne peux pas en dire plus , je rachète..

    By R. L. on 14/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Profuma di costicine alla brace! 😀
    Comment : Quando le cime iniziano a maturare emanano un profumo di costicine alla brace, non sto scherzando! Per il resto è buona e non sfiacca per niente.

    By D. P. on 08/Mar/2023 :

    Title : tatanka
    Comment : very decent strain. nice calming effects

    By H. T. on 06/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Relaxamento imediato
    Comment : Continua-se completamente funcional durante o dia, muito mais calma e leve. O efeito e bastante fisico, por isso recomendo principalmente antes de dormir ou para meditação.

    By T. N. on 03/Mar/2023 :

    Title : F
    Comment : Excellente plante 🚀

    By J. N. on 09/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Very good
    Comment : very easy to grow and good yields

    By M. C. on 16/Dec/2022 :

    Title : Very good big plant!
    Comment : Very good smooth smoke, smells a bit like diesel cannabis (sweet sour). 180 gram dry after a month curing. Only watch out in colder climates my harvest period is in end of oktober. Fungus wil flourish when the plant gets wet.

    By D. W. on 16/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Very excited!
    Comment : I was a big fan of Elixir Vitae by medical seeds, though not so much of their other cbd strains. A bit unstable so a waste of precious time. An improved version sounds great. I certainly hope for that sweet bitter taste that was so delightful in a vape. Fingers crossed. They are all doing very well. 6 out of 25 didn't come through. Still very happy!

    By A. M. on 11/Oct/2022 :

    Title : am
    Comment : Magnifique plante avec ses très larges feuilles . Germination rapide et croissance sans problème .

    By F. S. on 29/Aug/2022 :

    Title : germinazione veloce
    Comment : germogliato dei blocchetti appositi molto velocemente

    By A. C. on 24/Aug/2022 :

    Title : AL WAN
    Comment : Hello, i made this strain and it was an easy grow, she's got a strong resistance. I feed my plant only with the RQS Organics Nutrients and my plant was awsome, beautiful hard buds smelling hot pepper with fruits. The smoke is very gud and there's no THC inbside this genetic. Another very good work as always from Royal Queen Seeds's Breeders. Geetings from France. :D

    By H. Z. on 02/Aug/2022 :

    Title : Nur das beste für die Gesundheit
    Comment : Eine gute CBD Pflanze, Samen gingen gut auf und sie wächst schön im Garten

    By R. D. on 01/Aug/2022 :

    Title : Quality seeds , fast germination
    Comment : Seeds germinated fast and they look like strong children. Can't wait to see them grow up :)

    By V. C. on 10/Jul/2022 :

    Title : VJC
    Comment : early days yet but 6 weeks into growth its is looking fantastic

    By O. D. on 14/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Mr
    Comment : results were really good , no waste all plants did flourish very well

    By J. M. on 23/May/2022 :

    Title : jazzzzzz

    By R. C. on 23/May/2022 :

    Title : Jackomo
    Comment : Parfait, bonne germination pour une culture outdoor.

    By B. E. on 16/May/2022 :

    Title : Very calming
    Comment : Helps with anxiety

    By A. F. on 16/May/2022 :

    Title : Dré
    Comment : Hi, freue mich ganz besonders wenn diese Sorte keimt, da Tatanka in den letzten Jahren zu meinem Favoriten wurde. Inspiriert durch die Namensgebung habe ich intuitiv einen Volltreffer gelandet. Sehr empfehlenswert für jene, die geringe THC aber dafür das volle CBD Spektrum dieses Strains genießen möchten. Unbedingt im Sortiment lassen!

    By P. M. on 12/May/2022 :

    Title : Mitch
    Comment : I received these seeds quickly and got 1 NL Auto for free! The NL seems to proliferate best, but the Tatanka are coming too now. No problems with Germination. It‘s only 2 weeks in and I will update later, but so far so good 👍

    By D. L. on 08/May/2022 :

    Title : Top Quali
    Comment : Samen sind alle gekeimt, sonst kann ich noch nicht viel sagen.

    By B. R. on 25/Apr/2022 :

    Title : B
    Comment : Good CBD and easy to grow ! :)

    By S. W. on 29/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Satis
    Comment : Tatanka gedeit stressfrei super auch im Norden Deutschlands, sowohl im Gewächshaus, als auch draußen. Im Vergleich zu anderen Sorten ist sie wenig anfällig für Grauschimmel, im Gewächshaus muss man aber trotzdem aufpassen. Der Geschmack beim Verdampfen ist gewöhnungsbedürftig, im Öl oder Gebäck aber gut abgemildert.. Um eine sehr gute schmerzstillende Wirkung zu erreichen (Rheumaschmerzen), muss ich leider soviel nehmen, dass ich auch den geringen THC Gehalt merke, ich bin da aber auch sehr empfindlich.

    By V. T. on 20/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Tatabimm
    Comment : Großartige Pflanze, wächst bei organischer Erde und Düngung sehr sehr gut. Keinerlei Probleme. Absolute Kaufempfehlung für alle CBD Fans.

    By G. S. on 07/Mar/2022 :

    Title : csak nyugi! :)
    Comment : Nagyon jó nyutató és fájdalom csillapító. Már csemeteként megjelenik az illata (olyan földes) de nem vészes. Egyszerű felnevelni, a legszívósabb fajta amivel dolgom volt.

    By D. R. on 20/Feb/2022 :

    Title : Margaux
    Comment : Un peu tôt pour laisser ce commentaire demandé par Royalqueenseeds car je compte cultiver mes tatanka en extérieur, sur mon terrain. Je vais faire mes plants chez moi courant mars et replanter en mai en pleine terre. J'en dirai donc beaucoup plus dans le courant de l'été, voire lors de la récolte en septembre. Un remarque tout de même : avec mes 5 graines, j'ai eu droit à une graine gratuite. J'avais demandé une graine de cannabis CBD puisque c'est cela uniquement qui m'intéresse.J'ai eu une graine de cannabis à dominante THC dont je ne ferai rien. Dommage !

    By S. M. on 03/Feb/2022 :

    Title : Simon
    Comment : Perfectly for me. Best quality seeds of all times

    By G. Z. on 23/Jan/2022 :

    Title : Over
    Comment : TOp 5 graines 5 plantes comme toujours

    By S. K. on 22/Dec/2021 :

    Title : Skiki
    Comment : I'm so sad that my cat has eaten these boots also. My cat loves it !

    By E. G. on 16/Dec/2021 :

    Title : Very good
    Comment : I had a great experience with the purchase and the plant quality. My only criticism is that the germination was a bit problematic, the seeds are quite small and had some problems to germinate when compared to other varieties that were planted in the same conditions.

    By J. S. on 29/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Jenni
    Comment : Zwei Versuche mit unterschiedlichen Samen haben leider nicht geklappt. Die beiden ersten Wochen wachsen die Samen, dann stagnieren sie und dann sterben sie ab. Wir haben noch nicht so ganz verstanden warum. Werden nächstes Jahr draußen evtl nochmal einen Versuch starten.

    By O. S. on 21/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Lilou
    Comment : plutôt satisfait: 4 sur 5 graines germées En scrog et sous 400W HPS rendement plus que correct même si les têtes ne sont pas aussi grosses que je pouvais l'espérer (mais si on regarde la fiche technique cette variété ne fait pas partie des plantes les plus productives) Point très positif: temps de floraison court: à peine 7 semaines gout un peu particulier mais très sympa détente assurée grâce au CBD et à la très faible teneur en THC A tester sans hésitation

    By R. P. on 02/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Amazing
    Comment : 5 stars

    By M. P. on 04/Oct/2021 :

    Title : Tatanka pure CBD
    Comment : Polecam

    By D. M. on 19/Sep/2021 :

    Title : m
    Comment : rapide bien emballer

    By G. M. on 14/Sep/2021 :

    Title : 1 Samen ausprobiert
    Comment : Hat super geklappt, schmeckt gut, riecht gut und macht nicht high. Besser als das Zeug das man im cbd Shop kaufen kann.

    By M. T. on 06/Sep/2021 :

    Title : Relaxed feeling perfect 👍
    Comment : I originally bought 2 Tatanka seeds thinking they were Auto's, and proceeded in germinating them along with 2 actual Auto's. The penny dropped when they didn't flower, so I decided to let them grow until auto's were finished. By this time they had got big so I decided to try and take some clones after reading up online how to do it. To my surprise maybe begginers luck but all six flourished and grew into strong girls producing a bountiful harvest of 210 grams 7.5 Oz. I was very happy 😊 with that. The smoke is very relaxing after just a couple of tokes you start to feel at peace with the world a real zen. So if you don't want the high of THC but want to feel very calm and relaxed try this baby she won't disappoint. Thank you RQS👍

    By C. C. on 16/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Perfecta
    Comment : Sencillamente perfecta, la mejor cbd que he probado. Buena produccion con scrog, cogollos densos y compactos, un sabor y olor muy agradables al fumarla y arde muy bien, efecto relajante no psicoactivo, ya tengo mas semillas de esta maravilla creciendo.

    By B. H. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Tatanka
    Comment : Grew really well, smell is nice. Effects are very calming, body focused. Recommend.

    By M. G. on 25/Jun/2021 :

    Title : CBD
    Comment : She looks very nice.

    By M. Č. on 07/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Best
    Comment : Most healthy plant growing very fast and large

    By Y. L. on 07/Jun/2021 :

    Title : France
    Comment : Réception extrêmement rapide ! Toute ont germé. Affaire à suivre 😁

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