By Luke Sumpter

We would love to hear your experiences with growing and enjoying plants grown from our cannabis seeds. Others can benefit from your smoker's reports that include your overall experience with a particular strain, including the aroma, texture, the taste of the bud, as well as any interesting experiences that you have had or witnessed in regards to the high. We would also love to hear any growing tips and cautions that you have learned from your growing experience. Please include photos of your crops and buds. Additionally, we would love to hear your seed bank reviews of our catalogue of products.

Entries must be at least 600 words long. It is crucial that all content sent to us be unique and based on your own personal experiences and opinions, and not previously published anywhere on the internet or in print.

Your well-written blog post must be written in English with attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make the article interesting and of good service for others seeking guidance on the Royal Queen Seeds site.

Please do not include any advertisements or spam, as this contest is not intended to be a vehicle for promotion. We want to hear your experiences with the seeds that you have purchased from us and the results of your efforts. Thinks you can write are for example: grow reports, smoke reports or cannabis information in general.

Some thinks to take in mind while reviewing a strain:
• What strain(s) of seed did you grow?
• How long did it take for your seeds to sprout?
• What sprouting technique did you use?
• What growing medium did you use?
• Did you grow an indoor or outdoor crop, or both?
• How did your growing experience go?
• How long did it take for your plants to bud?
• How long did you cure your buds?
• How would you rate your yield - and why?
• Was your yield plentiful and tasty?
• How would you describe the texture, aroma, and size of your buds?
• What user experiences would you like to share?
• What did you learn throughout the process?
• Would you recommend this strain of seed to others? Why or why not?
• What will you do differently next time?
• What tips and cautions can you offer your fellow growers about the particular strain of seed that you worked with?
• What strains of seeds are you interested in growing with your next crop? And why?

We are also interested in your reviews of our catalogue offerings. Feel free to compare our various strains of seeds, and weigh in on their genetic heritage, chemical qualities, growing habits, yields, and your opinions on the projected results. We would love to hear your expert opinions and experiences.

Please let us know the seed strain of your choice if your blog is approved, so we can send you five gorgeous seeds as your reward. Happy writing!


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