By RQS Editorial Team

The Arizer Air 2 is the updated version of the Arizer Air, the popular “small yet mighty” dry herb vaporiser. What’s the difference from the previous version? The most obvious change is that the Air 2 now features a larger display for precision temperature control, and that it is available in more colours. Some of the most important changes, however, are under the hood.


Upon first glance, the Air 2 doesn’t seem much different from its predecessor. Just like the previous model, the Air 2 has the same stylish appearance with its trademark separate glass stem sticking out on top. The first hint of something new is when you spot the digital display, as well as the larger buttons on the device.

There was no need to change the successful existing features of the original, such as the hybrid heating system and replaceable 18650 battery. Some of the most important improvements with the Air 2 are less obvious, but they matter where it counts!


One of the biggest differences in functionality is the Air 2’s digital display, which now allows for full precision temperature control. Compared to the previous Air, this is a big upgrade, as the older model only had 5 preset temperature settings. You now have greater flexibility in finding your ideal temperature, and can adjust in single-degree increments up to 220°C (up from 210°C with the Air).


The Air 2 still uses a replaceable 18650 battery, but now with a higher capacity, so you can enjoy a longer battery life. You can charge the Air 2 via USB or using an external charger.


The digital display of the Air 2 is simple, and you won’t find confusing or gimmicky information on there as it simply shows the temperature and battery level. There are now three larger buttons for turning your vape on and off, adjusting the temperature, and for choosing between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Bonus: you can also adjust the brightness of the display.


Arizer has retained their proven hybrid heating system and vapor pathway. Like before, the vapor pathway is still made of glass, and provides the same great cooling as it did in the previous iteration. Mind you, none of this is a negative—why mess with something that works?


The Air 2 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavour. You can enjoy a wonderfully flavourful and awesomely smooth vape every time. The only minus here is that we think the clouds could be a bit denser. We noticed a slight improvement in the draw, but nothing starkly different compared to the previous model.


The original Air was already built very well, and no compromises have been made here with the Air 2. Most improvements seem to be with internal parts and functionality. For example, the heat-up time is now a bit faster. We found that the Air 2 beats the original by around 20 seconds, although this was with a new battery. Still, this is a noteworthy improvement. All in all, the Air 2 makes a solid and very reliable impression, and not only from the outside.


The portability of the Air 2 is good. It may not be the smallest vape out there, but given its performance and features, it is definitely worth taking with you. The portability of the Air 2 gets another boost in the form of 75–80 minutes of battery life, compared to the original Air’s 60—enough to add two more ten-minute sessions to each cycle. Enjoying seven or eight sessions on a single charge is definitely a nice improvement!

The Air 2 comes with two caps for the stems—very practical if you plan to pre-pack your Air 2 for your travels.

Where the Air 2 may not win major bonus points is in the area of discretion. It isn’t the smallest vape out there, and the glass stem sticks out on top. Overall, it’s just not made with discretion in mind.


The Air 2 is as easy to use as the original, despite the new digital display. It’s hard to get confused when operating this device. Simply turn on the Air 2, adjust your temperature using the buttons provided, and that’s about it. This simplicity makes the Arizer Air 2 a good portable candidate for newcomers breaking into the vaping world.


The Arizer Air 2 has been improved in some crucial aspects, namely battery life and heat-up time, which makes it a very capable vape that won’t disappoint. Flavour and vapor quality are top-notch, and being able to fine-tune your vaping temperature is always a great feature to have.

While the improvements over the original Air may not be very dramatic, they are improvements nevertheless, as Arizer managed to make an already stellar vape even better. We think the Air 2 is definitely worth getting over the original, and even those looking to upgrade from their Air will certainly not be disappointed.

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