By Luke Sholl

Cannabis smoking has come a long way. Now, you can get lost in a variety of paraphernalia, with vaporisers, glass bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers, being some of the most popular ones.

However, there is a type of pipe that has largely gone unnoticed in all the noise. It is known as the one-hitter pipe, and it is a diamond in the rough. Being lesser known doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. In fact, having one means that you can quickly get high without blowing your cover.

If you’re one of the people that want to get high discreetly, then a one-hitter pipe is the perfect paraphernalia for you. Read on to know more about it, what its benefits are, and how to use one.


A one-hitter pipe is one of the many cannabis accessories you can buy on the market. They are perfect for people who want to savour the pleasure of having a fast, small hit discreetly. Not only does this help you save stash, it actively helps control the dosage.

It keeps things simple, clean and makes it more convenient for you to enjoy your session.

Most one-hitters can hold a single hit of cannabis. They’re usually made from metal or glass and have a tube-like shape with the mouthpiece and bowl on its opposite sides.

Some one-hitters come as a standalone device, while there are also those that come as part of a dugout set. Dugouts have more features but are heavier than the standalone options. These allow you to twist its end, making it easier for you to pack it.

One-hitters also come in different styles, from stylish-looking glass bowls to low-profile cigarette lookalikes.

One-Hitter Pipe Full of Cannabis


Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to pack ground cannabis into your one-hitter’s end. See to it that it’s packed tight, but not too much, so as not to damage its edges. Make sure that the bud will stay in place when you tilt the pipe horizontally.

Step 2

Position the mouthpiece at the centre of your lips. Gently pull it as you light the cannabis found at the pipe’s end.

Step 3

Gently inhale the smoke, hold it, and feel the relaxing sensation. Slowly release the smoke once you feel the need to exhale it. Tap the one-hitter gently, enough to move the ash. This leaves it ready for the next hit. Alternatively, there’s another way to prepare it for its future use. You can clear the pipe by simply blowing right into the mouthpiece.

It's a simple no-frills process for getting high, but there is magic in the simplicity, keeping things smooth and discreet.


1. Low Profile

One of the best things about one-hitter pipes is their low-profile design. It makes them perfect if you want to have a discreet session. One-hitters usually come with a design that looks like a cigarette.

Walk around the park or stroll along the beach while smoking your favourite flower, and you are much less likely to get noticed. You’ll look like someone who’s just smoking a cigarette.

2. Less Odor

Another cool thing about one-hitters is that it doesn’t produce that much smell. This happens because you are taking a singular hit. Compare that to other smoking methods where the smoke scatters persistently in the air around you.

This doesn't mean that no smell is produced, but it becomes a lot more manageable. You still need to be discreet, but the lack of persistent smoke allows you to choose your timing. If you’re concerned about that, then you might as well try using a sploof.

A sploof functions like a cannabis muffler which filters out the aroma every time you exhale. And don’t worry about the price because you can create one yourself using a toilet paper tube and dryer sheets! Though, a sploof itself is not a visually discreet device to use.

3. Supply Conservation

If saving enough stash for tomorrow is your thing, then using a one hitter can help you achieve it. As they work in singular hits, you can actively manage your high and thus use less weed. You know exactly how high you are and whether you want more with each hit — without the drawback of already having heated cannabis as you do with a joint or a vape.

4. Easy to Use

One-hitters are all about convenience. These are so small that you can literally carry them with you everywhere you go. Just put them in your pocket or perhaps tuck it nicely in your purse. We assure you, it won't bug you out. Simply pull it out whenever you need it, and you're good to go.

But take note that you have to pack the one-hitter every time you’re through with one hit. If you’re not that cool with that, or want to use in a place you can't do this discreetly, then we suggest you use a vape pen. This saves you the hassle of reloading it.

One-Hitter Pipe Discreet Smoking


Make sure that you don’t grind your stash too finely because there’s a huge tendency for it to turn to ash a second after you light it. This also helps make sure you won’t inhale ash.

See to it that the weed is broken up properly so that it won’t clog up inside the tube.

It should be small enough to fit into the bowl, but large enough for it to stay out of the pipe. There’s little risk of a mouth full of ash if you do this.

An easy way to pack your one-hitter is to push your bowl carefully into your stash and twist the pipe a couple of times. Do this a few times and you should have a packed bowl. Just be sure not to do it too much, or it will be too compact and restrict airflow.


One-hitter pipes are indeed a convenient invention. Not only do they make cannabis smoking easier on the go, but it also makes your sessions safer, more manageable and more discreet. The only drawbacks are that you have to reload each time, making them a bit fiddly if you want to be taking hit after hit.

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