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CBD is becoming more popular every day amongst all kinds of people, whether it be for medicinal or recreational uses. Although THC has been shown to be effective for a few medical conditions, its psychoactive properties give it a certain stigma. This does not happen with CBD, which is completely non-psychoactive. Without the traditional cannabis high, it’s easier for the medical community to accept it as a medication.

CBD’s flavour when infused into oils is disliked by many people, while others claim its bitterness is reassuring evidence of the medicine at work. Independently of which person you may be, cooking with it will eliminate the taste issue and might even improve absorption.

CBD is fat-soluble, so you can try making your own CBD oil using your fat of choice. Or, you can simply purchase premade CBD oil. With an already prepared solution, all you have to do is place a few drops under your tongue or mix it in with your favourite recipes. In this article, we will offer a simple and delicious recipe for you to try out.

Strawberry recipe CBD Oil Royal Queen Seeds


This is an awesome fruit reduction that you can try out with any of your favourite berries. In this example, we’ll be using strawberries because they make a delicious treat which you can then use in all kinds of edibles. You can add this as a dessert topping, in a fruit salad, or even as an infusion in an alcoholic spirit. Its uses are endless and up to you to discover.


  • 1 pound of strawberries
  • ¼ cup of honey 
  • 2 tablespoons of CBD oil
  • ½ cup of orange juice 
  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
  • 1 pinch of sea salt


Mix the strawberries, honey, and CBD in a saucepan over medium-low heat. In a bowl, combine the cornstarch with the orange juice and add the solution to the previous mixture. Stir for approximately 10 minutes until the mixture starts to coat the mixing spoon.

Remove from heat. Allow the infusion to thicken by letting it cool for a few minutes.

Serve and enjoy!


Everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different. Dosage will vary. Some individuals will be suited with just 3mg, while others will reap the benefits at much higher doses. This recipe will yield approximately 8 portions. Be sure to test your resistance with small quantities. Luckily, CBD is psycho-inactive, so accidentally consuming a bit too much won’t send you into outer space. You can always use a measuring cup to separate the final product into smaller containers.

Dosage when intaking CBD edibles


Homemade edibles have countless advantages. Actually, the only disadvantage they have is the fact that you have to make them, that’s it. Nothing better than a homemade brownie, no matter if it contains THC or CBD. Most products you find in shops won’t taste as good nor will they be tailored to your specific palate. Your choice is funnelled even further if you have allergies or other dietary restrictions. Not to mention that most of the world does not have access to regulated and legal edibles.

With all this in mind, there are still a few factors that you should be aware of to make for a better experience.


As we told you with this recipe, make sure you keep track of portions. This is important so you can better divide the final product. Here is a little example to help you out. Suppose you made 10 portions of CBD butter for which you used 2 grams of 10% CBD Oil. This means that your 10 portions will have a total of 200mg of CBD (10% of 2g or 2000mg). You can include as many portions of the oil as you want in your next recipe. Just make sure you always know how much CBD you’ve included.

Another important thing to take into account is that CBD’s boiling point is between 160-180°C. Make sure you use a kitchen thermometer so you don’t surpass this value. Any temperature above this will lead to CBD degradation, meaning that you’ll lose the most important part of your recipe. The final factor to be careful with is storage. Cannabinoids are heat and light sensitive. In the same way that your weed will degrade if you leave it out in the open,so will the chemicals in your fruit sauce. Be sure to store it in a cool, dark place. Your best option will always be the fridge.

We hope this article has motivated you to try the CBD strawberry sauce edible. We surely recommend it for both the flavour and the effects. Best of luck with your experience.

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