By Max Sargent

Are Cavi Cones a real trend, or just another hyped-up cannabis experiment performed by American entrepreneurs? Potentially both! Ever seen or smoked a pre-rolled joint? Cavi Cones are similar. Well, at least their packaging is.


From the outside, Cavi Cones look like regular cannabis pre-rolls. The main benefit of a pre-roll is that it's been previously assembled by another human, or a machine for that matter. These pre-filled cones ensure an even and sustained burn, making them ideal for beginners, those on the go, or those who have issues with rolling their own. This is the general idea behind products like the Cavi Cone, except this product in particular takes things up a notch, or two, or three… The Cavi Cone is the evolution of the ancient European conical joint, only enhanced by North American maximalism, experimentalism, and an unrelenting taste for the extraordinary.


Cavi is short for caviar, and Cone means, well, cone. The original Cavi Cone is produced by Los Angeles-based cannabis company Caviar Gold. Containing top-quality bud, kief, cannabis distillate, plus some natural flavours such as vanilla, raspberry, apple, grape, or strawberry, Cavi Cones take advantage of every frill the current cannabis industry has to offer.

As the most potent pre-roll on the market, each Cavi Cone contains between 48–52% THC in its conical paper. Plus, the unique combination of different cannabis derivatives with all their terpenes is guaranteed to provide a memorable buzz. Beginners should obviously tread lightly when smoking an original Cavi Cone. There’s also a slightly less potent version, the Cavi J, which contains the same quality ingredients.

A Cavi Cone filling usually has a gold colour due to its kief and concentrate content. If the mix is green, it’s probably a fake Cavi Cone full of buds and leaves. The same is true if the mix is yellow or brown.

The legal disputes between Caviar Gold and other cannabis companies have begun, as some dispensaries are trying to leverage the brand name to distribute lower-quality products. Unfortunately, this doesn't concern us here in Europe, where in most cases, the only option is to make our own cone at home.


That being said, there’s nothing inferior about making your own Cavi Cone at home. In fact, it allows you to completely tailor the ingredients to your liking! Replicating the original product isn’t very difficult as long as you have the raw materials and are able to roll a proper conical joint.

Here’s what you need:

  • Dried cannabis buds
  • Hash oil of some kind
  • Kief
  • Flavourings such as vanilla or strawberry (completely optional)
  • Conical rolling paper


Here’s how to make it:

1. Start off by grinding your buds into the size you normally would when rolling a joint. You don’t want it to be a powder, but the pieces should still be quite small.

2. Next, lay out your cone and drizzle a bit of hash oil directly onto the flat paper. You can do any hash oil “design” you want, but make sure not to add too much as this will do more harm than good for the smoking experience.

3. Now is the time you would potentially add in your flavouring. Caviar Gold’s flavoured cones contain oils from dehydrated fruit, but you can either skip this step entirely, or add a tiny bit of some other kind of safe and suitable flavouring. You definitely don’t want to add too much of this either, as it could overwhelm your smoke. You’re likely better off choosing an extremely aromatic and tasty strain of flower.

4. Now you can add as much kief as you want to the hash oil/flavouring mix. From here, it’s time to load in your bud and roll up that cone with precision. If you need some tips on proper rolling technique, check out our article on the subject. All that’s left to do now is light up and enjoy!

Given its potency and contents, and single Cavi Cone can potentially be enough to get up to 4 people super blazed.

Even though making a homemade Cavi Cone isn’t too difficult, it does go to show how much effort and care is put into creating this new generation of cannabis roll-ups. If Cavi Cones have taught us anything, it’s that there's no shortage of creativity or curiosity in the cannabis community.

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