By Max Sargent

But for the risky few it is still available. I will cover the illegality of cannabis in Malaysia, the prices it runs for, and the lack of quality and variety in the country.

Cannabis in Malaysia

Cannabis use in Malaysia is highly illegal. Punishment can range from simple lashings to the death penalty. The laws are so strict that five years of jail time can be applied for as little as 50 grams. If you are caught in possession of 200 grams or more of cannabis a mandatory death penalty will be applied for trafficking. If you are still feeling brave, cannabis can be found.

Malaysian society is not friendly toward cannabis use. But a small culture of cannabis users can be found in urban areas or college campuses. Cannabis is in high demand by foreigners. Street dealers frequent urban areas where tourists and hostels are located.

Malaysian law enforcement is considered corrupt with many of them taking undercover jobs on the street. It is not advised to ask just anyone where to find cannabis. Your best bet is to make friends and work with their connections.

If you are seeking a safer place to holiday, 10 cannabis holiday locations for cannabis lovers has some alternatives.

Cannabis in Malaysia
The price of cannabis in Malaysia

Due to its illegality large quantities of cannabis can be hard to find in Malaysia. Typically you can find a small bag for 10 ringgit (around 3USD). And you can expect to pay about 150 ringgit (around 45USD) for 25 grams. Prices for an ounce of cannabis can range from 440 - 840 ringgit (about 130 - 250USD) depending on the quality and the specific dealer. Try to bargain with the dealer and get the price down.

The Quality of cannabis in Malaysia

The quality of cannabis in Malaysia can range from very poor schwag to high-quality. You can find low-grade brick weed or occasionally some good sensimilla. Hashish is around, but can be hard to come by.

It has been reported that deliberate contamination of brick weed in Malaysia has included heroin, meth, and ketamine causing unconsciousness in users. As always, be cautious when purchasing anything you plan to ingest.

Cannabis strains from Malaysia

Most cannabis in Malaysia would be considered schwag, full of seeds and stems. Most cannabis in Malaysia comes from Thailand in brick. Because the cannabis is trafficked into the country, it is hard to tell specifically what species of cannabis can be found. Those that grow their own cannabis in Malaysia do so for personal use only and are taking huge risks by doing so. They typically do not take the extra risk of selling their product.

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