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Although it is illegal, there are campaigns currently going on to try and change the culture so that individuals can someday acquire the freedom to legally enjoy this natural plant. Legalized cannabis is starting to become the norm in some parts of the world, and maybe someday legal authorities in Brazil will change their viewpoint too.

Legality of Cannabis in Brazil

The police in Brazil are not tolerant when it comes to cannabis. I discovered that I really had to keep things discreet if I wanted to get my hands on some to smoke. The police are always looking for individuals that are holding cannabis, and they won't hesitate in making an arrest. However, I also learned that gringos can usually get out of trouble if they have a few extra American dollars that they can use to persuade the police to let them off.

Locating Cannabis

It's surprising though, cannabis is not legal in Brazil, but I could find it fairly easy. The best place to locate cannabis was on the beaches where hippies and vendors were also selling trinkets and jewelry. At the beach, the vibe was generally pretty good as other native Brazilian smokers were also buying cannabis and smoking it. In the South area of Rio de Janeiro is a beach called Ipanema. Here, I found cannabis, but the quality really wasn't that great. Another place in Brazil where I could find cannabis was at the favelas, but these places didn't seem very safe, and I also heard that all they had was low-quality weed.
White Widow Cannabis

The Quality of Cannabis in Brazil

Speaking of quality--it's not easy finding good quality cannabis in Brazil and attempting to locate specific strains of cannabis is almost impossible. It seems that most of the good weed comes from Paraguay or Columbia. Most cannabis in Brazil is also not very potent. I quickly learned that if I wanted high-quality weed it would be difficult to find and would cost a lot more money.

The Price of Cannabis in Brazil

Because the quality of cannabis is so bad, the prices reflect that. Prices range from $.50 to as much as $30 per gram. The cheapest priced cannabis in Brazil is located at the favelas, but again, the weed is low-quality, and these are shady places. Medium quality cannabis costs about three dollars per gram, and if I wanted to buy high-quality cannabis in São Paulo, Brazil, I discovered that the price would be $150 for 5 grams.

Cannabis Strains from Brazil

Locating different cannabis strains such as White Widow or Power Flower in Brazil led me down a dead-end road. Brazil is really not the place to try and find special strains of cannabis.

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