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Many neighbouring countries have unemployment rates up to 80%. The cannabis plants in Botswana are hardy and can be grown in areas where other crops are unable to do so. Cannabis is often used to trade for other drugs including; cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, and other amphetamines. There is a small pro-legalization movement stirring within the country, but most attitudes towards marijuana are outdated. It is still popular belief throughout most Southern African countries that cannabis use causes mental illness.

Cannabis in Botswana

Cannabis is the most widely used substance in Botswana and has been since it was introduced to the area. The use of other narcotics is negligible, but in recent years it has been on the rise. Most authorities are intolerant of cannabis use but will let tourists off with a warning. If you offer police bribes, they will be happy to send you on your way. Individuals found in possession of less than 60 grams may face heavy fines and sentences of up to three years imprisonment. Anyone found to be in possession of more than 60 grams can face hefty fines and serve up to five years in prison. Charges of cultivation, sale, manufacturing, importing, exporting, and transportation all carry fines and sentences of five to ten years imprisonment. Cannabis grown in most Southern African countries is exported to European countries, primarily the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and the United States; however, much of the cannabis internally cultivated is destined to remain in Botswana. Plantations are generally small scale, but recently larger plantations have been appearing likely due to increased demand.
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The price of cannabis in Botswana

Cannabis is readily available in the area and easy to source making prices in Botswana reasonable. It is advised that tourists without connections cautiously ask around to see who has any dagga available. An ounce of medium quality cannabis can be purchased for around $200. In some areas five to ten grams can be sold for $5 depending on the quality.

The quality of cannabis in Botswana

Domestically produced cannabis is medium grade. Higher quality marijuana is trafficked through Botswana to Europe and the Americas. Less than half remains in the country for sale. It is harder to find and more expensive than locally grown cannabis.

Cannabis strains from Botswana

Since the introduction of cannabis 500 years ago, hardy landraces have developed. They have adapted well to Southern Africa's warm climate and are able to grow where other crops struggle. Reliable cannabis crops are able to provide a source of income because demand is increasing. These hardy sativa plants produce buds that often have a hint of purple. When smoked, the user experiences a typical sativa high that is both energetic and cerebral.

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