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Cannabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most important thing to know about cannabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina is that it is illegal and that possession of even a small amount may be punished by fines, arrest, and even imprisonment. Even so, the country is on a major drug trafficking route between the Balkans and the rest of Europe. Therefore, cannabis is certainly available.

If one decides to use cannabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is important to do this discretely and in a private area. Many people choose to vape rather than smoke because it is not as easy to detect. There are few raids so staying out of the public eye is usually enough to stay out of legal trouble.

The Price of Cannabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The price of cannabis in this country varies, with the average between $1.3 and $9.2 USD a gram. Prices tend to be cheaper in large cities. Sarajevo has the most availability and lowest pricest, while Mostar and Banja Luka are more expensive. As with all places, travelers can expect to pay higher amounts for higher quality strains of cannabis. The average price paid for high quality cannabis in this country is around $180 USD for an ounce.
Haze Berry Cannabis

The Quality of Cannabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There is high quality cannabis available in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but most casual travelers have a hard time attaining it. Most of the cannabis sold on the streets is low quality Albanian schwag. Better varieties are available but usually require a connection or knowing other cannabis smokers.

If one is seeking better cannabis, try asking for "trava" or "vutra." These are the local names for skunk marijuana. If you are looking for hashish, this is generally called "shit." The hashish in Bosnia and Herzegovina is very high quality.

If looking for cannabis seeds in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is best to order them online from a website that offers discrete packaging and shipment. However, it is important to know that possessing or importing these seeds may be a punishable offence if you are caught.

Cannabis Strains from Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most common cannabis strains in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Albanian Schwag and Bosnian Domacica. There are no strains that are specifically from this country, although a variety of strains can be bought in large cities such as Sarajevo.

Bosnia and Herzegovina are on a major drug trading route, yet high quality cannabis can be difficult to find. Many people in this country choose to import seeds rather than trying to buy from private sellers.

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