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Taboos surrounding marijuana use still exist today, but slowly public opinion is beginning to change. Large quantities of Moroccan hashish are continuously trafficked through Algeria on their way to Europe. Poor political relations between Algeria and Morocco make it difficult for both countries to deal with the drug trafficking.

Cannabis in Algeria

The use of cannabis and other drugs is low, although it has steadily been on the rise in recent years. Drug laws regarding possession and use are very strict; individuals convicted can face sentences of six months to two years. Punishment for trafficking and distribution ranges from ten to twenty years imprisonment. The main concern for the Algerian government is illegal trafficking; however, preventative programs have been put in place to educate the population, and treatment centres provide care that people need. Algeria is working to increase funding for these programs in hopes of developing a harm-minimization policy. Forces in the Algerian government have received counternarcotic training from the United States to help the country combat trafficking. Morocco and Algeria have a hostile relationship, and that makes it impossible for both governments to work together against illegal trafficking. The border between Algeria and Morocco has been closed since 1994, but inefficient control makes the influx of hashish and cannabis difficult to stop. Much of the trafficking seems never-ending.
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The price of cannabis in Algeria

Cannabis can be found virtually anywhere in Algeria. It is the most widely-available illicit substance in Algeria. Due to the surplus of product that moves through the country, and its proximity to Morocco, cannabis prices are very reasonable. You can expect to pay €25-€75 for an ounce of medium quality, West African or sub-Saharan marijuana. Depending on the quality, prices will vary.

The quality of cannabis in Algeria

Algeria has never reached the production level of their neighbouring country Morocco since achieving their independence in 1965. The country's arid climate keeps most cultivation restricted to the mountainous regions near the Moroccan border. There crops have enough rain, and temperatures are cooler. Within cities, cannabis plants are grown in personal gardens or on small balconies for recreational use. Small scale growing is not a main priority of authorities. Product brought into the country from Morocco or West Africa is usually good quality cannabis.

Cannabis strains from Algeria

Currently Algeria does not produce large quantities of cannabis, although amounts of internal cultivation is increasing. The country is mainly a trafficking hub for hashish smugglers heading to Europe from Morocco. In addition to the hashish, cannabis comes in from West Africa on its way to Tunisia and Europe.

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