By Adam Parsons

Cannabis in Albania

Cannabis has existed in Albania for decades. Greek adolescents once carried the merchandise to and from destinations, but in today's world, Albanian cannabis traffickers use boats and other vessels to transport their product. The modern world's cannabis trade is thought to be mostly headed by Italian mafia members. Whether the merchandise is being imported or domestically produced, Albanian laws ban all production and possession of the plant. Albania has been cracking down on these laws due to the government's desire to show the European Union that its own country can be a suitable member of the group.

However, enforcement of the marijuana banning is still lacking, and most Albanians find that they can get away with smoking cannabis as long as they do it in relative secrecy. Cannabis is thought to be the most widely used substance in the Albania today. For this reason, marijuana is still found in every corner of the country.

The Price of Cannabis in Albania

Most cannabis connoisseurs consider prices in Albania to be cheap. The price depends on the strain as well as the source of merchandise. You can find seeds, fully grown plants or just an eighth of your favourite strain of weed.

Special Queen Cannabis Strains
The most important thing you should remember about purchasing cannabis in Albania is to make sure you trust your seller. Many sellers give customers less than what they pay for or never come back with their weed at all. Since the cannabis industry in Albania is underground and thus unregulated, sellers who do right by their customers are essential to find.

The Quality of Cannabis in Albania

The quality of this country's cannabis usually ranges from medium to high. The better the weed, the more you pay. Albania's average price for high-quality marijuana varies depending on the seller. Albania's prized location in the southern part of Europe means that buyers have access to buds from Europe's northern areas along with prime hash from the Middle East. Cannabis quality here is not poor, and since the law is rarely enforced, there are plenty of sellers to choose from.

Cannabis strains from Albania

There are numerous different cannabis strains produced in Albania, especially in its southernmost areas. Tons of marijuana is available here, and whether you need indica, sativa or a hybrid, there are bound to be some sellers who can help you out. There is also the possibility of purchasing your cannabis online if you want a truly satisfactory customer experience. Just be careful to follow Albanian laws when the government is watching.



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