By Adam Parsons

Regardless of whether the country you live in allows it or not, nowadays, growing cannabis has become increasingly more accepted within society. There are many reasons why you should consider growing your own cannabis. In this post, you’ll find out some of our favourites!


Keep in mind that, on average, the whole vibe around this topic is way more relaxed than it used to be. Regardless of current restrictions on cannabis home-growing, we’ve come a long way from the days of unconditional prohibition. On top of that, more and more educational material has become available online, and in different formats. This is not only true of information on cannabis itself, but on how to grow it successfully at home! Hence, the time is ripe to consider growing your own weed. But, of course, the first, most crucial decision is which high-quality seeds you’re going to grow!


Besides accessibility, there are other reasons you should consider growing your own bud. By the end of this list, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started already!


Knowing exactly what you are smoking and how it’s produced is always nice. In a time where it is still hard to track down where street-purchased weed comes from (not to mention how it’s handled and/or adulterated), this becomes more important than ever.

For sure, growing your own cannabis plant allows you full control over the whole process, from seed germination all the way to harvest, drying, curing, and, eventually, smoking. You will know exactly how your plants were grown, including crucial elements such as which fertilisers/nutrients were used (if at all). In this way, you will have full power over setting the quality standards of your grow-op.


If you decide to grow your own cannabis, you can go wild with different growing methods and training techniques. Of course, it will depend on how much money you want, and can, invest. After all, different setups require different care and come with different associated costs. That said, if you’ve always wanted to try out hydroponics like you've seen online, or using a special training technique like topping or supercropping, growing at home allows you that opportunity!

On the other side of the coin, you can also experiment with different parts of the plant itself. Growing an entire specimen, not just the buds, gives you a lot of extra plant material to use. The sugar leaves, in particular, are loaded with trichomes and can be rendered into some fine hash or edibles. Even the less-cannabinoid-dense fan leaves can be used to make healthy green juices or as rolling papers for some authentic hemp roll-ups. Then, of course, if you have the time and energy, you can use regular seeds to breed your own cannabis cultivars. In other words, growing and processing weed allows you to be creative throughout the entire process.



If you’re a regular smoker, for recreational or medicinal purposes, growing your own cannabis ultimately means saving A LOT of money. Even just one or two harvests can return your initial investment on equipment and energy. Not to mention, you’ll have a nice big stash that you can access whenever you like—no more meeting up with dealers in parking lots.

Of course, it will all depend on how much weed you consume on average, but even one or two plants grown at a time can supply you with a steady flow of weed that will cut back on your bud-related expenses big-time. Growing your own cannabis also means you’ll become progressively aware of the costs behind the process, such as energy, water, etc. In most cases, this will actually make you more careful in your consumption habits now that you know how much effort it takes.


This may actually be the most important reason of all. If you enjoy doing something, it will always give you great pleasure, and you will begin to view difficulties as stimulating opportunities. In many ways, growing cannabis is like growing any other plant: it can be a nice, relaxing hobby. Along the way, you will learn a lot of diverse skills, from designing a full growing system to a bit of carpentry, as well as some skills as a plumber and electrician.

A good thing about this hobby is that you can start small, with just some good seeds and rich soil. Only if you feel your passion growing should you think of upgrading your toolkit. Furthermore, growing weed is beneficial for your health: it is a meditative, active hobby that’s good for both your body and mind, especially if you do so outdoors. Not to mention, you can pursue such a hobby at almost any age and in almost any conditions.


It’s not by mistake that cannabis is also known as “weed”: this plant species is truly easier to grow than you think. It is quite hardy and resilient, and can withstand even abrupt changes in conditions without giving up. Of course, things vary a lot from one strain to another. For instance, growing North Thunderfuck will definitely be different than taking care of Amnesia Haze! So, do your research before purchasing a particular seed and make sure your desired strain is suitable for your climate, as well as the amount of time and care you are willing to dedicate.

As usual, it is best to start small, and then pick up your game, aiming a bit higher every time. Another aspect to keep in mind is that, even though cannabis is a robust, hardy specimen, the end result will vary a lot depending on how good of a parent you are. You don’t just want your cannabis plant to survive the growing cycle; you want it to thrive and produce an amazing assortment of bulbous buds.


Taking care of your own weed means getting the chance to observe a beautiful, albeit slow, maturation process. Taking the time to get a closer look at your plant throughout each stage of growth will only help you learn how it develops, and what it requires, throughout each phase.

Observation is only one element of the learning process, though! You need to respond to your plant’s behaviour and stage of growth, which sometimes means not doing anything at all; other times, it means having the confidence to take action against threats like nutrient deficiency and disease. Overall, as a grower, you become invested in the life cycle of your plant. When smoking the final product, you’ll know that part of you is in that bud too; time to be a proud parent!



As so much information is available today, you can explore many different aspects of growing cannabis following your inclination and curiosity. From plant physiology and taxonomy to training and hydroponics, you won’t soon run out of topics to explore.

Even if you don’t want to actively research, you will learn a lot just by doing. By picking different cannabis strains or changing the environmental conditions of your grow, you will see this fascinating plant species behave differently. Try to keep track of your findings and observations in a notebook, like a gardener’s diary, and document the process by taking some pictures, too. Going back to all of this afterward will not only be satisfactory, but very beneficial to the whole learning process.

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