By R. G. on 28/Nov/2023 :

    Title : Resina
    Comment : Tanta resina..oleosa..hashplant? Me si.ottimo acquisto.

    By S. Â. on 05/Oct/2023 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Good Strain for begginers

    By L. G. on 05/Oct/2023 :

    Title : Best grow so far
    Comment : A pleasure to grow. No issues at all. Healthy plants, big buds, strong smoke.

    By T. T. on 17/Aug/2023 :

    Title : I can't wait.
    Comment : I will inform my thoughts :(,)

    By G. K. on 24/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Awesome
    Comment : This grew awesome !

    By J. D. on 20/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Can’t wait
    Comment : So ready to grow this💪🏽💪🏽

    By B. P. on 11/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Caked in thc
    Comment : Am currently at 10 weeks and this plant is absolutely beautiful smells fruity and cakey cannot wait to try this I wish I could post the close up pic I’ve just took I guarantee you it would make you buy these seeds

    By M. P. on 28/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Ottimo
    Comment : Germinata nei tempi, crescita bella lineare e super piena di cime. Ottima pianta

    By L. U. on 21/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Bella pianta
    Comment : Come piene e ricoperte di resina

    By E. R. on 13/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Good
    Comment : It grow as expected, nice!

    By C. L. on 12/Jun/2023 :

    Title : ALEX

    By S. A. on 07/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Weed
    Comment : It's really good

    By J. S. on 02/May/2023 :

    Title : Very nice
    Comment : Very fast and nice strain

    By J. B. on 02/May/2023 :

    Title : Impressed
    Comment : After reading reviews of bad seeds from rqs, I was worried but 4 days after germination and this pretty bitch broke through the soil. Amazing feeling with it being my first ever autoflower.

    By R. H. on 11/Apr/2023 :

    Title : Fast grower
    Comment : Fastest one I've had yet

    By T. D. on 14/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Falco
    Comment : Graine fiable et donne de jolie résultat

    By V. A. on 09/Mar/2023 :

    Title : V.A.
    Comment : Fast growth, easy treatment, great effect!

    By T. V. on 20/Feb/2023 :

    Title : martin
    Comment : This plant is guaranteed quality, for the fact that it is automatic, it is really strong in every way.

    By B. M. on 13/Feb/2023 :

    Title : Bernd
    Comment : Super Qualität, schnelle und sichere Lieferung, perfekt.

    By S. V. on 09/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Fantastic
    Comment : Super flower

    By G. D. on 03/Jan/2023 :

    Title : top
    Comment : top

    By F. S. on 02/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Ottima
    Comment : Ottima pianta

    By F. H. on 13/Dec/2022 :

    Title : Energizer
    Comment : it grows very quickly, I recommend it with my eyes closed

    By T. R. on 12/Dec/2022 :

    Title : Graine de vie
    Comment : Superbe belle plante et en autoflo rien à faire, juste la voir changé tout les jours. Elle se débrouille aussi bien dehors qu'à l'intérieur. Cinq étoiles, je vous la recommande

    By A. S. on 01/Dec/2022 :

    Title : Great seeds
    Comment : Fast tasty strong.

    By K. T. on 17/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Amazing
    Comment : Looking good and smelling lovely

    By L. S. on 15/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Nyeko
    Comment : Very good ☝️👍

    By O. W. on 07/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Old-Young-New Grower
    Comment : Fast, discreet delivery of good goods.

    By B. D. on 04/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Fast grower
    Comment : Very nice strain, very tasty nice effect, and very fast growing, one of the better I tried so far

    By P. W. on 31/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Super
    Comment : 👍👍👍👍

    By K. G. on 21/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Happy man
    Comment : I put them in to germ monday night just in damp tissue in the airing cupboard its now thursday an thy have germed bought on a whim will only be using r.q.s from now on delivery was about 15 days

    By J. K. on 13/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Engel
    Comment : Leider nicht nicht ausprobiert wird aber noch gemacht werden berichten

    By A. M. on 13/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Looking good
    Comment : Looking good so far smells amazing

    By W. M. on 10/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Rápido
    Comment : Ótimo crescimento.

    By M. G. on 03/Oct/2022 :

    Title : Fantastica
    Comment : Cime belle grosse e molto profumate La riproverò

    By B. S. on 07/Sep/2022 :

    Title : Growing fast
    Comment : Growing fast and are ahead of my other plants. 5 Stars 📈

    By I. S. on 05/Sep/2022 :

    Title : Tudo Normal
    Comment : Pra já a crescer normalmente, mas das três que comprei nota-se grandes diferenças no crescimento das mesmas .. Vamos ver no final !!

    By G. D. on 05/Sep/2022 :

    Title : Stava crescendo bene
    Comment : Stava crescendo bene, ma è stata mangiata totalmente da una lumaca in una notte :( Consiglio per outdoor: Mettete il vaso su un rialzo come una sedia. Lasciato a terra rende le vostre piantine più vulnerabili.

    By L. C. on 02/Sep/2022 :

    Title : Maravilhosa
    Comment : Comprei esta variedade e amamos a qualidade! Recomendo

    By M. S. on 02/Sep/2022 :

    Title : Vollkommen zufrieden!
    Comment : Mehrfach bestellt und niemals Probleme gehabt. Alles zur vollsten Zufriedenheit. Alle Samen sind gekeimt! Geschmack super lecker…

    By R. P. on 31/Aug/2022 :

    Title : Bueno
    Comment : Buenos prodocto

    By S. R. on 29/Aug/2022 :

    Title : rolland
    Comment : everything is ok till now, growing

    By I. V. on 24/Aug/2022 :

    Title : Fast
    Comment : Growing fast, very good!

    By B. B. on 08/Aug/2022 :

    Title : Triple G
    Comment : Very nice stuff

    By E. H. on 04/Aug/2022 :

    Title : just finished , lovely stuff
    Comment : didn't get massive yield but summers not been good , really nice smoke though

    By M. E. on 02/Aug/2022 :

    Title : Mr
    Comment : Très bien. A reprendre

    By R. S. on 28/Jul/2022 :

    Title : RoyalRoy
    Comment : Habe diese als normale, die war der Hammer. Nun nochmals als Auto. Mal schauen wie sie wird , is erst 5 cm - sieht aber alles gut aus

    By L. B. on 25/Jul/2022 :

    Title : Germinazione senza Problemi
    Comment : Semi Fantastici

    By P. W. on 12/Jul/2022 :

    Title : Cannabinol
    Comment : Super , macht richtig Spaß , zuzusehen wie die regelrecht explodieren…!

    By D. G. on 07/Jul/2022 :

    Title : Super seeds
    Comment : Soon ready to harvest, so fat and sticky. Smells superb.

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