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RQS Reviewer Regulatory Affairs Technician

Gonzalo Díaz-Cacho | MS

Expert in: Biology | Industrial Pharmaceuticals | Regulatory Affairs | Quality Control

Gonzalo Diaz is a biologist specialising in the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industry. He is currently a registry technician for drug registrations for the International Regulatory Department.

“If you fall 7 times get up 8”

Gonzalo Diaz is a biologist experienced within the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food quality control industries. He has worked in multiple disciplines throughout that have allowed him to acquire more knowledge and analytical skills relevant to the field.

  • Medicines Registration Technician in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Product Technician in an organic retail company with roles in new product research and web content writing about foods, cosmetics and the market.
  • R&D Laboratory Technician in the manufacturing of cosmetic products.
  • Quality Control Analyst: Involving the preparation and processing of water, salts and foodstuff samples. Also, the analysis and verification of data relating to test and results database.

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