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Herbal Blend

Allow the power of sage, passionflower, and chamomile to deepen indica highs and level out sativa experiences. Meanwhile, tantalising tastes of licorice, rose, and mallow augment almost every terpene profile out there.
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Herbal Blend: Organic and Wild

Wild Herbal Blends are skillfully put together using wild-harvested and organically grown herbs found in specific climates. Herbs obtained from the wild are exposed to the elements during their life cycle, making them tougher and well-developed. These specimens produce large amounts of beneficial phytochemicals that make them even more valuable.

The organically cultivated plants within Wild Herbal Blends stem from mindful operations that use biological and regenerative methods in place of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilisers.

Herbal Blend - 30 grams

Spanish Blend

The Spanish Blend features wild and cultivated herbs that flourish in a Mediterranean climate. These species include:

  • Mullein
  • Sage
  • Rose
  • Chamomile
  • Licorice
  • Mallow
  • Passionflower
  • Calendula

These herbs converge to create rich, earthy, and sweet tastes and deeply relaxing effects.

    By L. C. on 24/Nov/2023 :

    Title : Great 🔥
    Comment : Tastes good and if you blend it enough masks the smell of weed well, good product!

    By D. C. on 14/Nov/2023 :

    Title : Not bad
    Comment : Very useful smoking less nicotine,...😉

    By R. D. on 19/Oct/2023 :

    Title : Ottima.
    Comment : Ho deciso di smettere di fumare dopo ben 25 anni di tabagismo sfrenato e questo mix di erbe e un vaporizzatore di alto livello sono stati decisivi nell'aiutarmi: gusto molto delicato, soffice in bocca e per nulla aspro come le sigarette. Spero di non comprare mai più tabacco. Grazie RQS.

    By S. D. on 30/Jun/2023 :

    Title : top
    Comment : Dit is zoveel beter dan damiana. Met dit een spliff rollen is echt wel oké. Lekkere smaak en zeker niet overheersend. Gebruik dit enkel als aanvulling net voor de filter, de rest puur ganja, maar zeker een aanrader.

    By J. C. on 05/Jun/2023 :

    Title : Jules
    Comment : Great, smooth taste. Easy on the throat and complements bud really well. Generally use a 90% herbal blend + 10% tobacco mix - that's the sweet spot for me. Some friends who've tried this blend are now using it full time too, happy to be lowering their nicotine intake!

    By I. S. on 28/Apr/2023 :

    Title : Track
    Comment : Gut, gefällt mir von der Struktur her besser als Damiana.

    By J. D. on 22/Mar/2023 :

    Title : Good Taste Good Smell
    Comment : Strange at first but after smoking the first time with hash it is way better than tobaco!

    By J. P. on 02/Mar/2023 :

    Title : MR
    Comment : très bonne d'découverte j'en recommande car ca me désintoxique du tabacs.

    By N. S. on 09/Feb/2023 :

    Title : Magnifico
    Comment : Miscela di erbe molto ben bilanciate profumo e sapori che non alterano altri sapori di erbe molto rilassanti .

    By C. V. on 30/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Great for mixing up.
    Comment : Fantastic mix.

    By C. F. on 13/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Gusto senza nicotina
    Comment : Ottima miscela di erbe naturali che permettono di abbandonare l’uso del tabacco

    By A. K. on 09/Jan/2023 :

    Title : great
    Comment : it s worth it and you give up nicotine so easy

    By S. C. on 09/Jan/2023 :

    Title : Top 👌🏼
    Comment : Taste is good!!

    By S. J. on 30/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Pleasant easy smoke
    Comment : Pleasant easy smoke. shame it was reduced by 40% just after my purchase.

    By K. B. on 24/Nov/2022 :

    Title : Very impressed
    Comment : I don't smoke tobacco so I've used leaf cuttings as a substitute for a fair time now but it can be a bit harsh anyway the other day I was shopping on here and decided to give this a go and I'm glad i did it's much better than using leaf clippings its smooth and has a really pleasant taste I can highly recommend it.

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From Wilma Lehtola | 2023-10-11 13:24:47

Can this be smoked as it is?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Absolutely! This is a mix of free nicotine smokable herbs. You can smoke it on its own as a tobacco alternative or as your favorite legal herb's complement in a herbal smoking blend

From Lars Jaud | 2023-07-19 13:55:27

is it without nikotin?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Herbal Blends are 100% nicotine free

From Pavli | 2021-01-07 17:24:37

Hello, can you please tell me the weight? Thank you

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Hi, The package's weight is 30grs.

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