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F1 hybrids

Higher THC.
Bigger Yields.

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Brand New World

A New Reality: More THC and bigger yields

Royal Queen Seeds is ready to change the game as the first cannabis seed company to offer a true F1 hybrid cannabis cultivar.

Coming 1Q 2023

Cannabis Cultivation Will Never Be the Same

After years of development, RQS' F1 hybrids will make their showstopping debut in early 2023.
Thanks to hybrid vigour—a characteristic passed on from crossing two pure lines—F1 hybrids provide greater levels of THC, bigger harvests, and enhanced resistance to pests and environmental stress.

Discover them

How RQS F1 Genetics Will Exceed
Grower’s Expectations

F1 hybrids produce a generation of identical plants, meaning the same height, increased yield, size, colour,
and enhanced phytochemical profile.

Who doesn’t want unbeatable consistency and superior results every time?

Weed field Weed field

Key F1 attributes

  • Higher THC Content
  • Uniformity and Stability
  • Larger Yields
  • Faster flowering
  • Greater Resistance to Stress

What Does F1 Mean in Breeding?

The term “F1 hybrid” indicates the first generation following a cross between two pure lines. The vegetable industry has used this technique for decades to create high-performing and uniform cultivars.

Thanks to RQS, this technology has finally arrived in the cannabis world, shattering expectations of yield, stability and potency.

Weed silhouette Weed silhouette

What Comes Next:
A Roadmap to Elite-Tier Genetics

Our background as one of the world’s leading seed banks enabled us to bring the first-ever cannabis F1 hybrid genetics to the market.

But we’re not stopping there.

What comes next What comes next

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A New Frontier of Weed Awaits