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  • RQS Pollinator Grinder With Window
  • RQS Pollinator Grinder With Window

RQS Pollinator Grinder With Window

4-piece Pollinator grinder with transparent top and fine mesh screen to sift the most precious parts of your herbs. Anodized surface with etched lettering "Royalqueenseeds.com" on the side. Cleaning tool included. Diameter: 40mm - Height 39mm
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RQS Pollinator Grinder With Window
Preparing cannabis properly is an integral part of the marijuana lifestyle. One of the characteristics of fine cannabis is the presence of tiny crystal-like structures all over the buds. These are called trichomes, and they are resin-producing glands common to many plants. Under magnification, cannabis trichomes are shaped somewhat like mushrooms, with ball shapes atop cylindrical stalks. They are clear, milky white or amber in color and they are the “frosty” part of “frosty nugs”. Science tells us that the most potent part of the cannabis plant is at the junction of this ball and stem on each trichome.

While the trichomes make the leaves and buds pleasant to consume, the fact is that many of them are simply wasted in the handling and preparation of an herbal mixture, as they break off, fall away and are lost. What if you could trap and store those powerful trichomes drifting around the room like dust motes? You could build a supply until there were enough of them to consume. Hashish is made this way. In its simplest form, hash is simply a pile of trichomes pressed into a clump.

If you’d like to try making some hash to store for special guests, the best way to start is with a Pollinator from Royal Queen Seeds cannabis merchandise. In spite of the name, this has nothing to do with pollination of flowers. The Pollinator is a precision-machined aluminum cylinder 40 mm in diameter, hard anodized in either red or silver, with “Royalqueenseeds.com” etched into the side. It is divided into four pieces top to bottom that mate and stack to 39 mm tall. The lid has teeth machined into it that fit between other teeth machined into the second piece. The bud is placed into the chamber formed by these pieces and the lid is turned, grinding the bud to powder. A window in the lid allows you to monitor the process. Holes in the bottom of the chamber allow plant material to fall through to the third piece below, which has a very fine screen.

This is where the magic happens. The screen is so fine that the powder won’t pass through, but the nearly microscopic trichomes fall through the screen into the bottom chamber. The trichomes can be consumed for the purest effect possible. Every time you fill your pipe, you will be collecting the precious trichomes as part of your cannabis lifestyle.

    By Y. K. on 31/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Cute and Compact
    Comment : Real nice and portable grinder. Small and easy in use and cute..

    By B. T. on 01/Aug/2016 :

    Title : Hallo RQS Team
    Comment : Bitte bringen Sie wieder welche in ihr Sortiment.. alle Metal Grinder sind ausverkauft

    By K. G. on 22/Dec/2014 :

    Title : Nice look
    Comment : The Grinder looks very good omg. NICE

    By A. L. on 16/Oct/2014 :

    Title : perfect item
    Comment : needed for everyone

    By R. P. on 30/May/2014 :

    Title : Grinder qui fait son travail
    Comment : Ce grinder est excellent, idéal pour les weeds qui ont beaucoup de pollen grâce à son récupérateur de pollen. Je l'ai depuis maintenant plus de 7 mois et il m'a toujours été fidèle, je recommande ce produit à tous :)

    By R. N. on 04/Apr/2014 :

    Title : Good
    Comment : Best grinders for experienced grinding

    By J. W. on 18/Feb/2014 :

    Title : Grinder is good.
    Comment : Really light grinder, grinds very well. good for rolling joints. i would rate it 10 out of 10 :)

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