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  • Cannabis And Anorexia

    Did you know that 20 million women and 10 million men will develop an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime?
  • Research Finds How Cannabis Supports Bone Health

    According to recent research, THC, CBD, and CBG can speed up bone healing, prevent diseases, slow down bone degeneration. Cannabis can help in arthritis pain control and osteoporosis. Patients experim ...
  • Can Cannabis Help With Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

    Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common disease. Its causes are not clear and treatments are often ineffective. Cannabis helps relieving symptoms, and science is confirming patiens' successful exper ...
  • How Cannabis Influences Sleep

    Oh the joys of a relaxing smoke after a hectic day! Most cannabis enthusiasts will likely agree, that nothing can make for a better good night’s sleep than a dose of some good herb in the evening. B ...
  • Can Cannabis Increase Night Vision?

    New studies seem to indicate that cannabinoids stimulate CB1 receptors in the brain to increase vision, including at night.
  • Chile Opens Its First Medical Marijuana Club

    Chile is the latest South American country to embrace medical marijuana. In fact the first medical marijuana Club has recently opened. We explore Chile's journey to legal medical cannabis.
  • CBD For Dogs: Marijuana May Ease Anxiety During Fireworks

    Marijuana may seem like an unlikely medicine for dogs, but their biology says otherwise. CBD may be able to induce relaxation and calmness in canines, useful for stressful event such as fireworks.
  • Marijuana 101: A Guide To Dabbing

    With the popularity of dabbing on the rise, the need to understand how and why to use concentrates is becoming ever more important to the marijuana community.
  • How CBD Counteracts THC

    What is the "entourage effect"? Scientific data proves that CBD & THC work in symbiosis to create various positive effects in the immune system and psyche.
  • Cannabis Can Reduce Arthritis Pain And Inflammation

    In the midst of a painkillers' epidemic, some patients choose cannabis to ease pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Research is proving THC and CBD can be effective against artrithis symptoms wi ...
  • A clear View On Cannabis And Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is a serious condition that can majorly inhibit quality of life.Although surgery was the traditional treatment, more and more are turning to cannabis for the answer, so what is going on?
  • Marijuana Will Be An Antibiotic For The Future

    Unhindered by prohibition, contemporary investigation continues to rediscover an increasingly long list of therapeutic applications for cannabis that prove ancient folkloric anecdotes scientifically t ...
  • Cannabis Is A Medicinal Ally During Old Age

    Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Among all of the modern world's medications, it still stands strong as a thoroughly studied herbal medicine shown to be effective at easing t ...
  • What is Marijuana tincture?

    A cannabis tincture is a great smokeless way of consuming cannabis, avoiding the pitfalls of smoking while still creating a blissful buzz. Here is what they are and how to make one!
  • Could Cannabis Help Parkinson's Disease Patients?

    Parkinson’s Disease is a debilitating condition, and one that needs an answer quickly. Scientists are now investigating whether cannabis could hold a potential for treatment.

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