• Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray
  • Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray
  • Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray
  • Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray
  • Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray

Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray

Royal Queen Seeds ashtray made of hard plastic. Neat and simple accessory with three rests for your blunts or cigarettes. Imprinted with the Royal Queen Seeds logo, site URL, email and phone number. Available colors: Red, black and blue.  
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For those who know and love Royal Queen Seeds’ cannabis products, here is an ashtray that is perfect for smokers leading a cannabis lifestyle. Whether lighting up a blunt, cigarette, or joint, the Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray is convenient for both daily and occasional use. This ashtray is also ideal for many reasons. Some marijuana smokers only use pipes but need to empty out the ashes. Sometimes a friend or other guest requires an ashtray. Some smokers prefer to use matches instead of lighters and need an ashtray to dispose of used matchsticks. Whatever the need for an ashtray, the Royal Queen Seeds ashtray is a sleek, inexpensive product to compliment every smoking experience.


The Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray is available in three different and stylish colors: red, navy blue, and black. It is shallow, average-sized, and has an open top for easy emptying and clean up. The Royal Queen Seeds smoking lion logo is printed in white on the ashtray, and provides the company’s contact and website information. There are three indented rests around the outside, which makes it a great product for multiple smokers. The ashtray’s raised center also acts as a rest that will prevent blunts and cigarettes from self-extinguishing or burning cigarette butts at the bottom. Some smokers could also choose to fill the bottom with water. Smokers are encouraged to purchase a few of these reliable ashtrays – perhaps one in each color. They stack effortlessly for quick and easy storage. These ashtrays are perfect and sturdy enough for use in bars and nightclubs. At just under €10, it is an affordable ashtray made of hard plastic. The hard plastic is very durable, and makes the ashtray a long-lasting, economical purchase.


Among other cannabis merchandise, an ashtray is vital for a marijuana lifestyle. Whether smoking a blunt, joint, cigarette, or anything else, an ashtray is not only useful, but also essential. The fun, smoking lion logo on the Royal Queen Seeds ashtrays is an excellent symbol for cannabis smokers and their lifestyles. Using the Royal Queen Seeds Smokers Ashtray is a positive way to promote the company and its other fantastic products to friends other guests.

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